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  1. I like both CMI's and MI1/2's style. Different games, different designers, etc. I like how they took CMI in different directions. EMI's art style however failed miserably. (And no that's not because it's 3D! )
  2. Grim Fandango's soundtrack is one of the best in adventure gaming, ever. If I'm not mistaken, the Gabriel Knight 3 review was replaced not so long ago, but the old one has come back due to the drive crash thing. We ought to fix that.
  3. I think LucasArts was internally divided over these issues for a while. Lucas Legal was working with a sort of "pre-Internet mindset". Hopefully LucasArts has seen the success of the mod community and will take further steps to support it. This is probably a positive sign. It's better to get actively involved as a company with the community than to send out cease-and-desist letters. The former gives the company much more control, without the negative backlash.
  4. If I had a dime for every time I misspelled definately ... definititely... err ... anyway, I would have a lot of dimes.
  5. Actually, when publishers are being a jerk and don't pay their money at the project milestones, developers will start avoiding those publishers. Konami is notoriously bad with payment, and so are a couple of those UK ones. Money also explains why a studio like Valve works with a seemingly so-so publisher like Sierra. Unlike other publishers, Sierra has a reputation of paying on time and using a more hands-off policy in many cases.
  6. I have a feeling that Kingz' editorials will all at some point end up discussing Jesus Christ and communism, or something like that.
  7. How does it take itself too seriously? I've not seen the deleted scene or DVD commentary but in the bits of interviews I've read, Richard Kelly downplays a lot of decisions he made and leaves things open to the viewer's own interpretation. I didn't think the sci-fi dialogue was tacky. I thought it fit into the whole 'genremix' thing it had going. Though I can sort of understand if you felt that it was a bit out of place in a movie that's not strictly sci-fi.
  8. Shhh, I get them for free. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.
  9. I saw a big glossy ad in trade magazine MCV today, with that paint-style BS3 box art, so it's almost certain it will be the official box art. P.S. Where has the original thread for this gone?
  10. Can someone give remixor a new opinion? This one's broken.
  11. PA rules, even though their news and commentary is often many times funnier than the comic strip itself. I don't really understand the massive outcry after Marweas posted those comments. Sure, it wasn't a particularly smart thing to do, and I bet he's gonna get in trouble for it. But I do understand why he said it. That forum looks like it's full of trolls. The standard reply to anything seems to be "OMG Si3rra sux0rrzzz!! hahahaha". That's not a particularly motivating place to work in. Even though Sierra may have done some crap things the past couple of years, the members of that forum don't have an inch of respect for the enormous time and effort that goes into creating a game. All they do is bitch and whine, so I'm kinda on Marweas' side here. (I don't know the guy, though, and I haven't seen any of his earlier posts.) To think this whole affair was triggered by fans complaining about HW2 not being shown at ECTS. A valid complaint, perhaps, but I don't see a single person who considered any other theory other than "Sierra personally hates us".
  12. Curse you! I had completely forgotten about that horrible game, but now I have to live with my memories of it again!! Man. I'm ... shocked
  13. Nope, I was commenting on voice chat vs. instant messaging (text chat).
  14. What I like about instant messaging is that you can send something, do something else for 10 minutes, and then come back and continue the conversation. Or I can just multitask and chat with a number of people at the same time. With voicechat I have to dedicate 100% of my attention to one person. I'd rather meet that person face to face or speak on the phone, for some reason. I just get too easily distracted by other things on my screen.
  15. As long as that isn't Fox News' "fair & balanced", I agree.
  16. The only thing I can find that the normal Mozilla does not have is the "Annoyance Eliminator". I guess I won't go for Firebird just yet.
  17. I think the fact that it's 2D and looks even better than The Curse of Monkey Island strongly contributed to Evan's score. I think he might have even let himself be guided by the game's "charm" a bit too much. Though I'd probably have given it 4 stars, so we're talking about a small difference of opinion here. I definitely don't think it's a "top 10 greatest adventure of all time" though, so if Evan chooses to include it in his next top 20 I'd probably write a long rebuttal.
  18. Standing in line for the HL2 demo is totally worth it (especially if you haven't seen anything of it yet, which I find amazing ) Your jaw will be on the floor, guaranteed. As for the sandwiches, I thought they were barely passable anyway
  19. I'm sorry but I didn't get your email apparently. (Did you name it "Re: your details" or "Re: Awesome screensaver!" by any chance? Just kidding.)
  20. Someone mailed this to me. This image was taken by the BS 2.5 team at the Games Convention in Leipzig. The image (vaguely) shows Nico's room.
  21. Now don't go pissing your pants over this. We'll be back, but we won't be back in perfect shape. There'll still be bugs, and there might not be a lot of screenshots (or none at all), but all of that will be fixed in a few days. It's just a matter of getting it up and running today.
  22. We're still missing the Sam & Max 2 preview, along with some updated old articles that I forgot about.
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