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  1. Some of you may find this interesting: Ron Gilbert gave a Maniac Mansion post-mortem at the Game Developers Conference last week and a couple of his slides showed some of the original Maniac Mansion scripts written in the SCUMM syntax. How the clock in the mansion living room ticks: script clock-tick { do { clock-state = not clock-state object living-room-clock state clock-state play-sound clock-tick break-here 60 } } A cut-scene between Nurse Edna and Weird Ed: cut-scene { ... actor nurse-edna in-room edna-bedroom at 60,20 camera-follow nurse-edna actor nurse-edna walk-to 30,20 wait-for-actor nurse-edna say-line nurse-edna "WHATS'S YOUR POINT ED!!!" wait-for-talking nurse-edna ... }
  2. Been looking into the legalities of it, so it does turn out that interpreted code may be used indeed, according to various sources: http://www.appleoutsider.com/2010/06/10/hello-lua/ Unless otherwise approved by Apple in writing... Assuming that the ancient scumm scripting, which mostly directs objects in the game and does not directly interfere with the os-level calls, was most likeley approved for use. I'll try to sneak a peek at the monkey 1+2 demos and see if I can at least list out the files that it contains.
  3. Hey I had a question for the scumm hacking experts out there: With Apple cracking down on interpreted languages or whatever, how do the Special Editions of Monkey Island run in there legally? I thought a lot of the main logic was still interpreting scumm compiled scripts... or did they change that for the special editions?
  4. I'll be waiting for PsychonautsRev...
  5. They don't even have the game at my local Best Buy or Circuit City yet! How are normal people supposed to buy it if they can't even get it? Only they must go to Wal-Mart to buy it.
  6. WEll, the point is to avoid el odio, so this level actually has two ways to solve it. One is to be all acrobatic and whatnot, and another is to be adventure-like and make out with the women while the bull passes by.
  8. Oh, guess where you have to go to find him. (If I think you know where you are, but you have to be more speciifc next time.)
  9. Maybe you didn't, but you must agree that it did have the coolest level end cut-scene ever!
  10. I just remembered something regarding Boyd's mind:
  11. Nope! As I loaded the final moment of the game, I noticed that I still had two cut-scenes I haven't seen in the asylum part, so I went around and poked for a bit and realized: There's one more cut-scene I need to figure out, but when and where does it trigger? hmm...
  12. Um.. If you've beaten the game and watched the trailer, in the trailer there is a scene where Dr. Loboto Talks to Lilli and says "We're going to have to remove your brain and shoot innocent civilians with its tactical death beam! The good news is that your insurance is going to cover the whole thing." I never saw that cutscene in my game... has anyone see it?
  13. WASD + Mouse... and make sure you invert the mouse so that moving left is left, moving right is right, moving up is up and moving down is down.
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