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  1. HashtagCollectibles renamed themselves to Uncute a couple years ago. Same people, same product.
  2. This looks fantastic! Ordering immediately. As far as I know ScummVM’s switch version is written using the Switch home brew APIs, not Nintendo’s official ones, so it would never pass cert. And I believe there’s no real way for a developer to use it as a starting point to do an official port that uses the official APIs, because they’d have to publish their code publicly, which I believe would violate Nintendo’s agreement for how developers are allowed to use the official code. If I got the details wrong there I apologize, but that’s my understanding of the gist of it: It is a bummer.
  3. I think the Broken Age boxes are in line with some of the US lucasarts boxes, but not the oldest ones which were built like a rock. They switched to that folded up style later.
  4. I think Tales of MI was on the cusp of not being included because it’s not a LucasArts-owned game and so much about Telltale was in flux for a while there. That would at least partly explain why it gets short shrift in the book. But I’m personally glad the bulk of it is dedicated to MI1 and 2. They’re the games that truly predate the World Wide Web, and the least dissected in real-time by fans and journalists when they were released.
  5. Glad that poster actually did look nicer and yield an improvement!
  6. I’d always assumed that was in regards to versions of the box that had just the logo and none of the credits, as opposed to a purely clean painting that didn’t present as a box at all.
  7. I believe Steve sold that painting to a collector and - surprise - it has vanished into hiding without a trace. Collectors are often very bad sharers, unfortunately.
  8. I hope you do a version with the warmed up colors like you’ve done in the past too (sega cd style?), because I agree with you that it looks great like that.
  9. Yep this is the most common. There are digital cameras made at least partially to specialize in this sort of high res studio setup, which slightly vibrate the image censor and take multiple shots to create gigantic mega-res composite photos from a locked down tripod setup. And before digital as far as I know large format film cameras were commonly used, with the resulting shots preserved as slides or transparencies (instead of prints) to preserve as much detail as possible for reproduction. There are surely slides or transparencies of all the box art out there somewhere as it was almost definitely the format used for mailing a copy to magazines for ads, and to international publishers, before print design went fully digital, but who knows where they’d be. Deep in old filing cabinets if they aren’t throw out.
  10. It’s a movie poster size print of the game box art, made from whatever original assets they used at the time so it’s an incredibly detailed reproduction.
  11. I finished it. I loved it.
  12. Same! Not a personal jab, and as Thrik said, the idea that scummvm is an archival tool has been more or less put to rest at this point, but the general conversation it raises is interesting and one I care about.
  13. If the confidence level is really high that they're bugs that's more okay, but it still weirds me out a little bit.
  14. Are these being fixed in a way that you can disable the "fixes" with a flag or something? It seems strange that ScummVM is now fixing bugs (without any understanding of why they're fixed) in a way that doesnt let you experience the original version without resorting to DOSBox. I mean, you're probably right that they are bugs, but without knowing for SURE, it seems bold to straight up alter historic game content when its run through ScummVM. Why is it ScummVM's job to fix these, especially in a way that is opaque to end users? I realize that I've been working on remasters of Sam & Max games that change a TON of content, so I understand the line can be blurred, but in the case of Sam & Max we made them explicitly new releases, and leave the originals untouched.
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