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  1. There is a comment in the source code saying that they were abandoned to save a floppy disk, and expressing some (joking-sounding) hope that they’d appear in a directors cut release.
  2. This looks great. Laserschwert I’m glad they used a colored MI logo as opposed to the foil - a colored logo goes better with Purcell’s art in my opinion. But it’s neither here nor there, this all looks nice and I’m sure it’ll look great in print.
  3. Thanks! I can't update the Mojo post but I will update that in support documentation so it's more clear. You can get two copies for the price of one
  4. This conversation feels like it’s going in circles. The same few people stating the same opinion over and over. No minds are going to change, no new ideas are going to be introduced; I strongly suggest moving on. The long and short of it is we didn’t want the performance in the game anymore, we had the power to change it, and we did. We also changed the old lighting that we didn’t want in the game anymore. We will be making sure the original release remains available for anyone who wants to play it.
  5. That’s wishful thinking! The CMI sprites were almost definitely drawn in pencil and scanned in to photoshop and colored. That means they were technically drawn at “infinite resolution” since they were drawn by hand, but not really drawn to be seen at cardboard standee size. That single animation frame was probably redrawn just to be put on a standee.
  6. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for those posters. I know that Ben was literally thrown in the dumpster out back when they moved offices, and that was a hand painted original! (It was rescued from the dumpster by programmer Graham McDermott and was up in Telltale’s office until Telltale closed — Graham was an early Telltale employee and wrote their dialog tool — and now I believe it’s in Double Fine’s office!, after being saved from telltales closure and sent there by some ex-Telltalers.) Theres a thread about that Ben, from Tim!
  7. I’m pretty sure that isn’t a real screenshot. Is that a composite made for the special edition (which does include a spiffy closeup as a nod to the box)? It looks like a scan of the art from the back of the box pasted into frame with Guybrush. The pixels on the dog look anti aliased, while Guybrush is crisp. From what version of the game did you rip this resource? If it was the special edition that’s an untrustworthy source.
  8. I have seen the source because I helped with the material prep for the event today. That’s how I knew there was no evidence of Spiffy in it when I made that post. I couldn’t talk about it yet because the event wasn’t announced.
  9. I used to have a giant Grim box like that! I think it fell apart at some point though.
  10. I suspect the Foundation will put pieces of it up online, similar to some other things they've shared. And yeah that was awesome! Loved to see those LeChuck closeups!
  11. It was not a good camera. If I ever come across anything higher res I’ll let you know, but I doubt it. The novelty of that camera was that it took photos at all, not that it took particularly high res ones.
  12. Found this mix in my parents garage. I will unpack it later but it contains some old Adventurer issues (mostly duplicates of the same few issues), some Monkey Island 1 and 2 marketing one sheets, and an amazing Zak McKracken nose glasses display and giveaway contest form. Also found this LucasArts 20th anniversary mug.
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