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  1. Telltales head of marketing changed mid way through season 3 development and he canceled all merch projects I had just started working on the soundtrack packaging when it happened.
  2. Season one remastered is available on vinyl right now and it won’t be reissued with new tracks (?). There’s just not an audience. Hoping to do physical releases of 2 and 3 as well. Maybe I will print on demand a CD release for you, one of the two people who has ever asked for it 😛
  3. It’s because I did the mix for the menu track, not Jared. Not that he didn’t give it the thumbs up (he said “yeah that’s basically the way I would have edited it, ship it”) but it’s not something that was on either of our minds when considering what the soundtrack should have. And he hasn’t got the source files for it since I bashed out the menu mix in Premiere, so he’d likely have to re-create my edit.
  4. Not on Steam or Bandcamp, because they are done directly through a simple admin interface… but the ones that propagate to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music etc yes they are a horrible pain to update because unless you are a huge record label with direct access to all those different backends, they go through a variety of middleware services, none of which are comprehensive in their tools or feature set. Many of them also have intrinsic hooks to their storefronts which are still hardcoded to assume pricing based on CD-length albums, which is part of why many soundtracks have just given up and release in “volumes,” even though for all intents and purposes it should be one album in the digital era. We tried to avoid that for the Skunkape soundtrack rereleases but eventually just decided to split the albums up on those services. (On Steam and Bandcamp they are single albums without volume distinctions.)
  5. Well that I can do https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/upubfd4dvl30eaog0z2o7/env_office_cs_opening_e1_1.wav?rlkey=uane64i9w2y3kqz18xly59eju&st=q8pq9zry&dl=0 This lyric-free arrangement of World of Max was stuck in my brain for so long that I made it the main menu music of the Save The World remaster. Then we didn't include it in the soundtrack oops.
  6. There is very little new music this time around. Season 3 was well covered. But Jared went through and updated the samples on almost every track, and did a new mix and mastering process on all of it, so things sound way better. We also got the usual session saxophonist to come in and add a little bit of live coverage to some key moments that were previously pure synth.
  7. The game is working its way through console cert as we speak. More info including release date coming soon.
  8. A good list, enjoyed hearing what about them spoke to you personally. I know you limited it to adventures but man there are some winners in the rest of the catalog. Dark Forces, Rebel Assault, are both really iconic compositions that are representative of their eras of gaming in a very fast-moving time. The Outlaws box is a real stylistic outlier in the world of retail covers. Afterlife is one I’ve always respected more than loved, kind of like the game itself. Pipe Dream looks like an arcade game because it basically is - it’s effortlessly iconic in that arcadey way that’s actually hard to achieve. I dont think any of these hold a candle to the adventure greats, but there are a bunch of good ones in the mix.
  9. Wow those are incredible. I mean, they are bad! But in a fun way. It’s rare to see games get the “bizarre off-model international movie poster” treatment, but its here in spades.
  10. I think it was Hit the Road I was thinking of that was made on/for general midi as opposed to a Roland thing. Zaarin, whose name I can never remember on this forum, would know better than me. (@s-island) And my Mac music memories were MI2 and FOA.
  11. I’ll always have a fondness for the scratchy and weird Mac instrument library the early LucasArts games had because that’s what I grew up with, but at this point my favorite is the MT-32 version. It’s the only version of Monkey Island 2 you can actually turn up the volume for and it sounds better and better. (Also, I thought by the DOTT or Hit the Road era they had moved on to composing for SoundBlaster/Adlib cards? My memory was that MT-32 was the baseline in the early days but eventually they moved off it. Maybe not?)
  12. I love how long these interviews are for how much information they contain, and for how much the personality of the interview subject is allowed to come through by spending so much time with them, but I still think I’d prefer to read them than watch them (maybe on this very website?? just saying!). I like reading! I like that the types of multitasking I can do when reading makes reading the focus but I can have music on, or quickly drop in and out of it to talk to someone else in the room. Watching a video interview either demands my full attention or at least demands the use of my ears - it’s fully occupied time that I have to play/pause. I know that I’d personally get more enjoyment out of these if i could read them at my own pace, but I also love that they are conducted as realtime video interviews and will forever be preserved with the subjects own voices as a feature. I know this is a goofy argument to make I think it’s pretty subjective, different types of people like to consume media in different ways.
  13. It sucks that they didn’t do a memoir for the back of the box. Literally all the others did it
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