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  1. When neither Wikipedia nor the allmighty YouTube turn up something useful, you know you have found something very special... I only know of Bessie as a name for cows and there was Bess, a brahmin (2-headed cow) in Fallout 2.
  2. Not graphical in any way, but I made Monkey Island 2's wheel into a little HTML page which uses JavaScript to calculate the recipes. The names of the ingredients are in German since I keep forgeting to get the English names...
  3. Hmm, maybe you mean ScummVM which enhances the graphics through filters. It will calculate the pixely games into a higher resolution and anti-alias the picture.
  4. Thanks for the great stuff you guys have made.
  5. You should definitely check out ScummVM.
  6. Use ScummVM. EDIT: Oh, I see you were already told about that. Stop posting like a headless chicken! Since you don't strike me as a computer genius, I recommend downloading the Windows Installer version and just install it like any other program. There is documentation and an FAQ section on the ScummVM site, so you should only post further questions if you have read them.
  7. Well, the voices in the talkie version are on an audio track of the CD, IIRC. There might be some WAVs, but I'm pretty sure they are in the atlantis.001 file as well.
  8. OK, I can understand you much better now. It's really quite easy. You start SCUMM Revisited (mine's the latest version, just for reference). You open the file atlantis.001 in your Indy 4 folder and then browse through the LFLFs. Inside are SOUs which contain the MIDI music in various formats. ROL is for Roland soundcards and should be the best quality, ADL is for AdLib and SPK for speakers. For some reason the Play button won't work for me, but that might be a configuration problem on my system. I just save to .mid and listen. The annotations can help you find the location
  9. Here's how to extract the music from Full Throttle. Afterlife should work with Dragon UnPACKer and/or GAP. I did extract music from the demo, but don't remember how.
  10. You want us to invest time in helping you, when you can't even proof-read your post?!
  11. I don't know if "cool" is the right word, but it's certainly interesting. The double-dress-up is freaking me out, though.
  12. And in other news, CGW is no more. We welcome our new overlords of Games For Windows: The Official Magazine. I for one will renew my subscription just so I have the freedom of cancelling it if GFW:TOM pisses me off.
  13. Okay, I subscribe to that. I'm looking forward to reading it. How do you like CGW's new direction?
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