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  1. /me punches Pille during group hug (Don't pretend you don't like that.)
  2. When neither Wikipedia nor the allmighty YouTube turn up something useful, you know you have found something very special... I only know of Bessie as a name for cows and there was Bess, a brahmin (2-headed cow) in Fallout 2.
  3. Well, I think a lot of evidence points to a global climate change is happening. It's debatable if caused by humans. There was a documentation on German TV which was based on a BBC docu. Though they got rid of some errors of the original, some remained. They were arguing against human accountability. It was easy to get swayed in their direction, even though they were very tabloidy by calling it "The Climate Swindle". Afterwards there was a discussion and I feared the 3 persons proclaimed as contrary to the documentation might have a weak position. They didn't really. No side can prove beyond doubt one way or the other. The consensus was and has to be: Don't act panicky. Don't believe everything you hear. Think about what the source's agenda may be. Do they profit from their claims? Will they secure funds for one outcome, but not the other? The docu did mainly focus on CO2 as the source of climate change. One should not forget about other factors. Also acting environment friendly mostly can't be such a bad thing. Even if CO2 isn't doing as much damage as some fear, not using a car or using something other than a combustion engine profits the shrinking oil resources. The video: The dude fails to see that the costs don't just vanish. Someone gets paid that money. If that someone is spending the money on the market that invested it: no harm done. Buying oil and natural gas often means that money goes to Saudi Arabia or Russia. Do they spend a lot of money on western stuff? Longer than I intended.
  4. Not graphical in any way, but I made Monkey Island 2's wheel into a little HTML page which uses JavaScript to calculate the recipes. The names of the ingredients are in German since I keep forgeting to get the English names...
  5. Hmm, maybe you mean ScummVM which enhances the graphics through filters. It will calculate the pixely games into a higher resolution and anti-alias the picture.
  6. He's a Terabyte? I so want Ray in my PC now. You youngins and your abbrevs, ts ts ts.
  7. Thanks for the great stuff you guys have made.
  8. Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset was on MTV in Germany yesterday. So great. Bebe: Wow, that's really her! Paris! Over here! Wendy: I don't get it. What does she do? Annie: She's super-rich! Wendy: ...but what does she do? Red: She's totally spoiled and savvy. Wendy: What does she do?! Man: She's a whore.
  9. You should definitely check out ScummVM.
  10. http://www.pcgamescore.de/games.php?gameid=41
  11. Yeah, that's something everybody agrees about. But don't you love the Monk theme?
  12. Randy... so great: MadTV about him doing the Star Wars music (could only find the German version) In Family Guy he's the catch.
  13. WTF, man? Why do you islanders have German supermarkets? Aldi Netto Lidl
  14. No, it doesn't. It distracts. You expect a humvee to speed around the corner and some helicopters blowing shít up. From what I heard on Amazon.com, POTC 2's score might be better. Haven't seen the movie, so I can't say any more on that. Come on people. Can you really just associate "pirate" with "Pirates Of The Caribbean"? You know, there were some movies from the genre in the past. You want me to bring out a big "older'n you"? Captain Horatio Hornblower, Treasure Island, Korngold...
  15. And I disagree even with that. It didn't sound swashbuckling at all, but just like one of his generic and repetitive action flick scores.
  16. Now you die! Hans Zimmer was good in Backdraft. The Rock was okay, Gladiator and POTC sounded like The Rock. Seriously, LucasTones/elTee made a soundtrack quiz and I was listening to all the tracks of the CD, sure it would be on there. It was POTC. MediaVentures crap. Danny Elfman might be a good choice. Most just think about Tim Burton movies he scored, but he also did stuff like Red Dragon. John Powell might be good. But if they really did make a movie, for me it couldn't work with at least some of the themes from the games. Thomas Newman, who did American Beauty, The Green Mile, Meet Joe Black and Nemo? And who will score Young Hannibal: Behind The Mask. The title makes me shudder and I don't want to imagine the movie itself.
  17. Is it "Registered Amuser"? Ray McKinnon
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    There's only one way to find out... Joshi, please make me an admin, so I can delete your and Skinkers' post.
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