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    Hmm, well, to start off with I am an egotistical self-hating narcissist who just needs to be loved. I love Star Wars ever since I was a wee little kid who could only say "Mumma" and "The Force Will Be With You, Always,"
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    New South Wales, Australia.
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    Playing my guitar is my one true passion. Next comes writing stories. I like to walk, especially by myself. I like to go out with mates, have a good time, and not remember half of it. Star Wars, as noted above. Oh, and being awesome.
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    Vegetarian Vampires Anonymous
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    Kotor II
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  1. I know right? Thats why I want to write a whole fic before releasing it but I never have the self control to do it that way :xp: When I get a good idea I just have to blurt it out.

    A lot of times good ideas come at the worst possible time, like when your bored during a test. And its so frustrating cause you can't just write them down - your taking a test - but you can't concentrate on the test either cause of your good ideas...maybe thats just me though...bad luck. Damn tests!...buit on the other hand they have provoked some good ideas. Hmmm.



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