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    Hmm, well, to start off with I am an egotistical self-hating narcissist who just needs to be loved. I love Star Wars ever since I was a wee little kid who could only say "Mumma" and "The Force Will Be With You, Always,"
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    New South Wales, Australia.
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    Playing my guitar is my one true passion. Next comes writing stories. I like to walk, especially by myself. I like to go out with mates, have a good time, and not remember half of it. Star Wars, as noted above. Oh, and being awesome.
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    Vegetarian Vampires Anonymous
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    Kotor II
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  1. BFA...I am so, so sorry. I haven't been on here in forever! :o I'm horrible with names, and I remember a BFA, but not which person here that name went with. So...hi. Sory about the absence.

  2. Pssst! Endo!


    Where you be at!?


    (It's BFA; had a name change)

  3. Hey, I clicked on that link but it said the story could not be found! Code 1!

    Soooo, I'm guessing it was removed for some reason or other? : \

  4. Great news! I'm another who hopes to hear about some info for KotOR Android releases. Fingers crossed!
  5. What do you think of the latest chapter of The Promise? :)

  6. Yeah, I pray Joss was trolling in bringing the Vong into the mix.... I read the books. It wouldn't make for a good movie. God no....
  7. It may just be me, but I wouldn't exactly hate it if someone say.... Joss Whedon... Was announced to be Director. It probably won't happen, but hey, I never thought we'd get more SW movies either! Just saying...
  8. What do you think of the latest chapter of The Promise? I'm already working on the next chapter. :)

  9. Bugger. That was a very good fic! Your other stuff is good as well, but I was drawn to that one for some reason. Ah well!

  10. I never finished that storyline, so if you're looking for later chapters, they're ghosts. Thanks for asking, though! :)

  11. MsFicwriter!!! I post a question to you that brought itself to my mind just a few minutes ago. I was wondering.... Did you finish the Per'dra's storyline with Qyzen Fess at all? I can't remember ever reading a final chapter....? I was intrigued by that story, but cannot find later chapters :(

  12. Hey. So. Yeah. Just a quick question....


    Where the hell is the next part to TOR?????????!!!!!!!

    I've been waiting.

    And waiting.

    And WAITING!!!!!


    The suspense is killing me!!!! Gah!

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