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    Hmm, well, to start off with I am an egotistical self-hating narcissist who just needs to be loved. I love Star Wars ever since I was a wee little kid who could only say "Mumma" and "The Force Will Be With You, Always,"
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    New South Wales, Australia.
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    Playing my guitar is my one true passion. Next comes writing stories. I like to walk, especially by myself. I like to go out with mates, have a good time, and not remember half of it. Star Wars, as noted above. Oh, and being awesome.
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    Vegetarian Vampires Anonymous
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    Kotor II
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  1. BFA...I am so, so sorry. I haven't been on here in forever! :o I'm horrible with names, and I remember a BFA, but not which person here that name went with. So...hi. Sory about the absence.

  2. Pssst! Endo!


    Where you be at!?


    (It's BFA; had a name change)

  3. Hey, I clicked on that link but it said the story could not be found! Code 1!

    Soooo, I'm guessing it was removed for some reason or other? : \

  4. What do you think of the latest chapter of The Promise? :)

  5. What do you think of the latest chapter of The Promise? I'm already working on the next chapter. :)

  6. Bugger. That was a very good fic! Your other stuff is good as well, but I was drawn to that one for some reason. Ah well!

  7. I never finished that storyline, so if you're looking for later chapters, they're ghosts. Thanks for asking, though! :)

  8. MsFicwriter!!! I post a question to you that brought itself to my mind just a few minutes ago. I was wondering.... Did you finish the Per'dra's storyline with Qyzen Fess at all? I can't remember ever reading a final chapter....? I was intrigued by that story, but cannot find later chapters :(

  9. Hey. So. Yeah. Just a quick question....


    Where the hell is the next part to TOR?????????!!!!!!!

    I've been waiting.

    And waiting.

    And WAITING!!!!!


    The suspense is killing me!!!! Gah!

  10. Sorry, Mach! You guilted me into it and I've read the first chapter and I'll read the rest soon, haha.

  11. But my own Wrath of the Witch Maiden wasn't important? To quote an old still beloved girlfriedn; 'Wheeemper!'

  12. You are certainly most welcome! Sorry it took so long :)

  13. Thank you so much for your most insightful (and most awesome) reply! :)

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