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  1. Pretty solid for a fan film. Wish they could have incorporated a bit more Force using into the action, but still, no real complaints from me.
  2. Aaahh, Spaceballs... brings back some awesome memories. As much as the idea of a sequel sounds intriguing, there are some stories that just don't need it. I'm not quite sure if Spaceballs fits into that category. Doesn't mean I won't see a sequel, if it's ever made.
  3. Yup, so the new SWG forum is still in early construction, but feel free to visit and start posting there. As sad as it may be to leave this particular forum, this is where we want the action to be.
  4. Yup, I'm in the apprehensive crowd too. I really hope this will be good, but with Abrams as a director, it can go either way. Unfortunately, this trailer shows that he just couldn't help it and had to add a lens flare or two. Again, hopefully the overall product is something good and entertaining. P.S. the saber the villain uses is still friggin' ridiculous and that mask he wears looks like a cheap plastic knock-off of the Sith mask worn in the CGI intro for TOR. Very uninspired.
  5. Jeff is the person to contact. Give it a bit of time, he'll reply.
  6. New feature - display names. Basically, in addition to the username which must be unique, we can all now set display names. By default the display name is the same as the username, but it can be changed to whatever you want by going to your profile > About Me tab. In order to prevent trolling and impersonation attempts the display format is displayname@username. You can all give a big round of applause to stoffe for this feature.
  7. LucasFiles is actually one of the things we've been discussing on the chat we established for the whole revitalization effort/project. If I remember correctly, the general consensus is that if the new site can support mod hosting, we should have it, but actually resurrecting and updating LucasFiles is way too big of a hassle, for various technical reasons that stoffe can explain a lot better than I can.
  8. I can help out with Photoshop-related stuff. Haven't done much graphic design professionally, though. I'm more in the software development business, working with Java/Javascript. Still, I do draw as a hobby - got a Wacom Cintiq, so I do it directly in Photoshop and Illustrator to a lesser extent. On the less technical side, I could help out with forum restructuring/reorganizing. If the site bears fruit, I might even be interested in adding content to it from time to time (but it's way too early to get into that). I've listed several areas with which I might be able/willing to help, but it's important to say outright, that I wouldn't be able to commit to helping with all of it. So, I guess we could start with Photoshop/Illustrator stuff for now and Lynk, Jeff, stoffe, feel free to PM me, if you think I could help you with some of the other things I mentioned (or even if you think I might be able to help with something I didn't mention). I participated in Lynk's last attempt to revamp this place, doing some content migration to the new site, so Lynk can probably tell outright how much you guys should or shouldn't count on me
  9. I have to agree with Lynk on the rule thing. When I look at any forum that has the kind of relaxed rules that some of you are talking about, it does not seem like a pleasant place to visit. Case in point, I've been lurking around MAL for a time now and honestly the level of outright hatin' for the sake of hatin', flaming, name-calling and hypocrisy displayed by some very active members is what keeps me on the unregistered users side of the fence, rather than joining in on the discussion. Just go visit this subforum and take a look at a few topics to see what I'm talking about. Continuing on with this example, also take a look at the posts themselves. I have never seen a larger amount of quote trees in reply posts in my entire life. Have people really become that lazy that they can't be bothered to spend a few seconds to delete the unneeded parts of the text from the posts they are quoting. Whatever it is, it makes things a lot less readable than they should be. All in all, my point is that both rules dealing with member behavior and those dealing with how and what to post are there for a reason. Lynk explained that part pretty nicely, so I won't go into it further. Still, before you continue asking for a "no rules" environment, I would suggest to go and re-read the rules for this forum. I think you'll find that they aren't that restrictive and are basically common sense and common decency put into written form.
  10. Well, apparently the PC version of KoTOR 2 was updated fairly recently so it can run normally on newer systems. From what I understand, the update also included some of that cut content we all know about. No new graphics or anything like that though. Still, people were immediately asking if a KoTOR 1 update was in the works as well, so news like these isn't surprising. Hopefully it's true and hopefully there will be an updated PC version as well.
  11. I only played the first Tales episode so far, so I could see if it's any good and yes, it was hi-friggin'-larious - immediately went on my Steam wishlist. However, I'm waiting for all five episodes to be released until I get it - I want to be able play the whole thing at once. I agree that Tales really managed to capture the hilarity of the universe even with the shift from an FPS to an interactive movie and I'm really looking forward to playing it in its entirety one day.
  12. Being from one of those countries in the Balkans, I'd love to see some of those caricatures myself. And judging by Nico Bellic for GTA4, Rockstar isn't completely against that. But in general I'd love to see a new place, wherever it is. Or at least a place that wasn't used and/or mentioned too much in previous titles.
  13. I may have told this story before, but anyway... igyman is something that stuck from my early teen years and it's basically a nickname for my real name spelled incorrectly on purpose with "man" added to it. The idea was to shorten Iggy The Man, which I thought sounded cool at the time, into a username. Thus "igyman" came to be and it stuck, as I said. If I don't use this internet alias, then, depending on the place and the username availability, I go by DrIggy, which is kind of self-explanatory and sounds cool too.
  14. @Lynk: I see where you're coming from - the same thing happened to me when I finished studies and got my Master's degree, a little over three years ago. I started working right away and suddenly my remaining free time became a lot more precious. While I agree that having only one admin/staff member on the project is definitely a problem, it's not the sole issue. As you say, the project would need a lot more support, but also the team would need to be better organized. With content migration that we did a year or so ago, I think all of us got so pumped up about it, started doing stuff on a daily basis and as a result we reached the burn-out point in around a month. After that, things just stopped in their tracks. I don't think any one single individual is to blame - I or anyone else from that team could have been more vocal and asked you "What's going on?" more, or you could have bugged us more, but none of us did that. We just stopped doing things and stopped talking about doing things and that was it. If anyone decides to start things up again, I think they (or us, or whoever) need to start with organizing the work better and agreeing on what's expected of each member of the team. My suggestion, as this was, is and would be a fan project is to be a bit less pumped up about it, as counter-productive as that sounds. My reasoning is that by being more relaxed about it and saying right from the start something along the lines of "no one expects the team to dedicate most of their free time to this project, but if you want to participate, you have to contribute at least a little (i.e. an hour or two) on a weekly basis". Whoever has circumstances that prevent them from helping out in a certain period should just let the rest of the team know via whichever communication channels were agreed on. What I hope something like this would do is reduce the chance of a quick burn-out and help each person realize whether or not they really want to help out with a project like this one. I could be wrong, but I'm just thinking out loud here.
  15. I have to agree with Darth about the degradation of internet culture. There are a few forums that I lurk without an account and in all of them, or rather their members, I've noticed this trend of posting only to hate on something or to hate on the hater. A lot of the posts are rude and, to put it plainly, idiotic. I especially love laughing at the argument that if you don't put "In my opinion" in your sentence, you are automatically claiming that your opinion is fact. In general, I feel most people have forgotten how to communicate to others, which is evident in the lack of effort in most posts I saw on those other places. People seem to have taken the "I don't have time for this" mentality to the extreme and it is becoming painfully evident in their posts - from the content to the structure of the post (stuff like quote trees are still beyond me - are you so lazy that you can't spare a few seconds to clean up the extra quotes and only leave the last one??). But I'm starting to ramble and you must be wondering - what does all this have to do with these forums? The answer is the reason I joined and stuck around this place for so long, even if I'm not that active anymore. I came upon this place when KoTOR was still a new game and I was looking for a place to discuss my then-favorite game and a universe I enjoy with others. This was the first forum I joined (ever!) and became active in and the only one I kept visiting regularly all these years. The reason for that is the people - once I joined, posted in a few threads and started a few of my own, I saw that this place was frequented by people who I can have a normal conversation with - first about the game and later, as other subforums popped up, about other non-gaming things as well. Sometimes we disagreed, especially in the more serious topics at Kavar's, but we always had the decency not to insult one another to the point of no return and stop to chill out, if we think we might take things too far. This applied to all members - regular and staff - and I haven't been able to find another place with this kind of mentality and general friendly atmosphere anywhere else. It's why I volunteered to help out with the new fansite and I'm still a bit bummed out that it suffered the fate of a lot of fan projects - after a great start it got caught in development hell, because life caught up to us and there was (probably, I could be wrong) a lack of motivation to spend valuable free time on something that's purely a guilty pleasure. We did get quite a bit of old content migrated, so there's a good base for further development. I'm still willing to help out, if the work on the new fansite is ever resumed, because I want this place to live on. Even if its new form is only a fansite, or a fansite with a smaller forum, I think there should be a place for Star Wars fans (and others) that has a general friendly and helpful atmosphere of LF.
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