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  1. If you ever manage to get anything moving, shoot me a PM and I'll be there to help out however I can in reviving this place.

  2. You still have that awesome custom title and picture. Nice :xp:

  3. Are you an admin? I'm trying to find my 'Reality of Fantasy' original post, but they deleted it because Christos200 and I got a bit hot and heavy

  4. I didn't, I've been playing the game since early access, that's over 2 years now.

  5. Nevermind my humor, how do you level up so quick?

  6. Why would I do that? It'd make no sense.

  7. Are you ever gonna wipe them all out to restart again? xD

  8. Only 7 with the 8th one close to hitting 50.

  9. How many level 50+'s do you have? Lol

  10. told mim I sent your alls' lowbie alts on OM some gear I cant use (my alts too high) from one of my alts.

  11. Well I made a very rough layout of a hypothetical LFN redesign. Let me know what you think, and you could feel free to change it as you see fit.

  12. Thank you. As I said I'll definitely have this on my mind over the next few days. If I think of anything that could help the fan site itself then I'll post it as well.

  13. Go for it... but just to remind you, there's more to LFN than just the forum :p Any suggestions on the fan site side of things would be appreciated too.

  14. Understandable. Do you mind if I re-create my post in the "Want to help to create a new, better LucasArts Fan Network?" without the section re:moderation? I'd appreciate having the rest of my ideas on record, as I think they're good ones.

  15. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2839748#post2839748


    I moved your post to the "Mission: Bring LF Back to Life" thread because I didn't want to turn the "Want to help to create a new, better LucasArts Fan Network?" thread into a debate.

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