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    Pathological hater of the present human condition (We could be SO MUCH more than we are if we would just dare to think outside of the box that the education/religion system put us in!)
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    Reading, hiking, computer gaming (obviously), building things, working on cars, LEGO & LEGO CAD, Web surfing, driving women crazy (Hey, they did it to me for years, now it's my turn!), making war on conformity, religious/scientific philosophy
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    Mowing down neos with my M60
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    Mozilla Firefox
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    KotOR 2
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  1. Art thou alive?

  2. Canderis

    It's a 660, and i do. Its so amazing. Just need a new HD screen sooner or later. Maybe another graphics card too.

  3. I see you got the ASUS Z-87A. Excellent choice. :thumbsup:


    I also see that you got an MSI TFIII, which is also a great choice. 660 or 650 TI BOOST?


    You're going to love this machine, BTW.

  4. Q



    Let's find you a motherboard.

  5. Canderis

    I got a core i5. Thanks so much for the help with this thing!

  6. Oh, OK.


    Which CPU?

  7. Canderis

    I went ahead and got it along with a haswell processor. Ordered it today, can't wait to get it.

  8. Yeah, I saw that.


    If you're willing to settle for an 80Plus Bronze unit (I did; no worries), that same model is available under several different brand names which are often on sale for $40-$50.

  9. Canderis

    Would 620 watts be enough? Theres one on sale for 70, seasonic bronze.

  10. Canderis

    Ah yes. It isn't the pro. Thanks for pointing that out! And that might be a good idea because I could probably survive on one for a while and get another eventually.

  11. Q

    It's not the Pro model; it's just the regular 840. The NAND chips aren't nearly as durable as the Pro model's. I'd get the Pro.


    Yes, you could get 2x128GB SSDs and RAID them together. They'd be roughly twice as fast as a single drive.

  12. Canderis

    Hey q, for the next 3 days the 128 version of that ssd is on sale for 89$ and I was wondering if you thing buying 2 of those, which is less than the 256 one still, would be a good alternative or if that is even worth it.

    Hell, or maybe only one of those is enough for the OS plus any higher end game I wanna install.

  13. Canderis

    I replied again.

  14. Canderis

    Thanks man! And no problem. It'll be next month before I get it.

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