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    Pathological hater of the present human condition (We could be SO MUCH more than we are if we would just dare to think outside of the box that the education/religion system put us in!)
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    Reading, hiking, computer gaming (obviously), building things, working on cars, LEGO & LEGO CAD, Web surfing, driving women crazy (Hey, they did it to me for years, now it's my turn!), making war on conformity, religious/scientific philosophy
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    Mowing down neos with my M60
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    Mozilla Firefox
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    KotOR 2
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  1. I'll probably switch back at some point, since as much as I like Flashman, Kelly's Heroes trumps just about anything. Hell, the Kelly's Heroes references in Bad Company 1 almost let me forgive it for being a shadow of what BF2 was. Almost.


    The problem with modern wars is that so few of our enemies have massive gold hoards in sparsely defended cities... and the fact that so few tank commanders properly channel their inner Oddball. Perhaps in order to encourage this, we should allow tank commanders to grow beards like SF... though SF might hate that as much as Batt boys hate that legs get to wear the black beret now...

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