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    A homesick kiwi living in the states, effectively exiled from RD around 11/07
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  1. Still gutted by the fact that this has become an MMO, but now I'm starting to see why, and now I'm starting to get interested.
  2. This thread is approaching one year of age.
  3. gtbb. I solved the problem for the time being by warping straight to the first SF deck, but I'd like to solve this problem sometime so I can fully integrate the BoS mod. Now I have 'Cheats Used' on my SF saves though.
  4. Yeah it's been a while, eh Qliveur? mm... I ran a search, but no dice. No Bastila mods in the folder. Hang on... Master Vandar is changed to the dark side in the BoD mod, and he's in the cutscene with the Republic fleet's arrival, so perhaps he's the problem?
  5. The latest in KOTOR game crashes in my current playthrough prevents me from accessing the Star Forge level entirely. Following the deactivation of the disruptor on Rakata, and the cutscene with the crew outside the Ebon Hawk, I am immediately taken to the centre of the ship. From the way everyone is instantly spawned there with me (the spread-eagled arms being the clue there), I suspect the glitch starts here. The REAL problem though is once I set a course for the Star Forge, and the takeoff cutscene ends, I get nothing but a black screen. A black screen that has cursor on it. That, some music, and the sound of walking when I hit the movement keys is all I get. I've never had this crash before. Also tried workarounds like walking outside the ship and back in, but nothing seems to be working. I've also got the Brotherhood of Darkness mod, which might have something to do with it.
  6. Yeah I have a dual core as well, didn't think of that though. I think I have found a fix though, but I'm not quite sure what I did; something to do with my graphics settings. But I didn't turn them down, I turned them up. All of them as high as they could go (except like brightness/contrast, obviously). I haven't had a freeze since.
  7. I've got a random bug that becomes more and more frequent as the game progresses, in that every time I go into combat mode, I lose control of the movement of the character's movement that I was controlling at the time. This is not because I have the frozen during combat setting selected. The real problem is, after the fight is over, I still can't move the character! Only by switching to others can I move around. The previous character follows at that point, but only when I move to another area can they move again when I control them. This is all fine and dandy, and I can usually progress through the game for a while... until I reach the first confrontation with Malak. At that point I'm flying solo, and so after the first fight, before he moves through the door - you guessed it, I can't move. Game over. I've been through the mill with this one; uninstalling, reinstalling. I even ISO'd the lot and redid the files that way. None of these things worked. I've also had similar freezes with TSL, but there's a more serious bug there for another thread. Edit: I do have a bunch of mods in my Override, but I removed the ones that I suspected of causing the glitch and nothing changed.
  8. The transvestite git that 'sings' for that band needs to burn in the bottommost pit of hell reserved for evil things like Miley Cyrus.
  9. Can't you ever be friendly, or at least polite?
  10. I was searching through old files and found the url to this...
  11. That's what I was acknowledging, I first got washed ashore here September '06 IIRC.
  12. It also zombifies threads that are dead (for the record, the mortality rate is high here).
  13. Oh I know full well why people ignore me, don't worry about that. This thread just doesn't need to keep living at this point, it's common consensus that RD's a zombie, so there's no point discussing otherwise.
  14. Yellowcard (toughie, only Y band I could think of)
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