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  1. I am requesting a replacement for two of the female player choices, As far as I know it's relatively simple but I am busy with other things and it would be great to get help, please PM me for details if you are interested.
  2. Thanks! Also, does anyone have a copy of the light armor reskin mod from filefront that included a republic uniform reskin of the light armor? It was really good. Can't recall the author.
  3. Does anyone have the Mira to Twi'lek mod? http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Mira_as_a_Twilek;81539 I would love it if someone could do this conversion again.
  4. sent you a pm at DS

  5. Hey, i got you PM

    My mailbox is full but I will send you a response to your Deadlystreams account

  6. Yes, please. I'd love to see what you have.
  7. http://io9.com/everything-we-know-about-star-wars-post-return-of-the-j-1729549100 This article had some references to the KotOR series in relation to The Force Awakens, though I don't really know where they're coming from. Interesting ep7 related gnash though.
  8. I noticed in TSL the lack of shiny textures in areas? Places like NarShaddaa should look more like Manaan or the Korriban spaceport from Kotor1. the real work with this one would be identifying all the textures to apply the shine to, and then using alpha channels but I know there may be more deeply buried parts that I don't know about like enabling alpha channels to the area models which could be a big job, so I thought I would make my idea a request. Also, I would be willing to lend a hand with this one but I won't attempt it on my own without some formal guidance.
  9. Just curious if anyone secured contact with the author of the improved high-res Nar Shaddaa skybox off of kotorfiles? I am trying to get permission to upload to DeadlyStream/Steam Workshop but I haven't made any progress and that one was a staple, I have it but I won't release it without permission.
  10. It's interesting, I think newcomers generally are attracted to newer products of the SW franchise whereas a lot of older members are from the LucasArts/Internet Forum era and less the new mobile app/phone dominated internet browsing generation. However, the new generation does not necessarily know where their material comes from, whereas the generation(s) before this have experience with older windows, DOS, and a younger Internet. So people coming in now are more likely to have an experience where they come across something older like KotOR or Jedi Outcast and then they seek us out here. Before it was a little more commonplace for that to happen but I just don't see smartphone internet users coming here, and the internet by phone is now only growing in popularity. Also the younger ones who are not of a mind to appreciate visual arts probably associate all this with being a kid instead of enjoying great video as an adult, again because they are being raised with different or newer technology and they probably keep to the new releases. So its good that there's so much new star wars coming down the line, and also user generated material based on the new material from Star Wars might become a good way to attract younger audiences into the older game communities. This forum has a lot of like minded, creative people and I don't think it will be dying. Especially since I will be even more bored and lonely if it does.
  11. Just so you guys know I have high-res corescant and improved nar shaddaa skybox in case anyone wants those. Will try to host them or make them available soon.
  12. Curious if anyone still possesses the RGB Short robe tunic mod from PCGM?
  13. The 90 is from 1990 the year before I was born, and SK is like a name except it doesn't mean anything, I thought it was kind of like a statement but I honestly was looking for something basic to use more universally. It originally comes from CaptainSkye my first LF username, which comes from a vague fantasy I had at the time about being an important Captain.
  14. Go for it, 90SK

  15. PM awaits you at Deadlystream.com

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