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  1. I used to be a regular on here throughout most of last year then some time early this year I buggered off and just last week I came back, but I'll probably disappear again soon enough. I remember you. You have brain, me like, brain is good, blah blah blah.

  2. Well, hopefully you don't just grow in height, but also grow a brain as well, but I'm not holding my breath. :shifty:


    LucasArts can stick that game and the monthly fee, reasonable or not, up their ass, as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Hello! It's been a while since we've spoken. Have you been alright? And yeah I know, we can kiss KotOR3 goodbye. ****in' wankers LucasArts. If they love money so much, why couldn't they have given us that first then let BioWare make their epic MMORPG tripe? I just realised I'm 1cm taller than you. HA!

  4. I've got a joke for you guys. Look in the mirror and you'll see it.
  5. That's no good, patient_zero. You should say what you like without fear of what people you don't even know might think. If they don't like it, then they can go suck it. It's not your fault if someone's an easily agitated ****.
  6. If Kreia were still alive, I'd live with her. Lets face it guys, she's hot. GILF!
  7. I reckon your husband has a striking resemblance to one of the male character face selection choices in KotOR, Uilleand.
  8. No, you're a fu--... Oh who am I kidding! *cries* Depends on the phobia.
  9. I'd like to live in a luxurious apartment with Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale and Natalie Portman.
  10. I fear one day people will start hating me out of jealousy for being the smartest, funniest, most athletically, artistically talented and sexiest person on the planet.
  11. http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/852/852342p1.html Well, I can tell you guys that this LA Bioware MMORPG is definitely not KotOR III, which is great news in my book.
  12. Oh yeah? You guys wanna see a cute dog? Then look at mine! And if you're still not convinced, then... lookie!
  13. I pretty much ****ed up most my goals I planned to achieve this year, and of course, I am to blame, but there's always next year. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this New Years Eve, apart from drinking... Anyway, my 2008 goals include: 1) Get my drivers license 2) Get a job 3) Complete my Business & Management Diploma 4) Join a gym and keep going till I'm past my use by date 5) Keep up my running 6) Play and complete at least one play through of TSL with TSLRP on my laptop. That's all I can think of at this rate. Yeah alright, I stole that line...
  14. I posted a picture of me here back in the day, but then deleted it, but now I've decided bugger it, I'll post a picture of me and leave it, since I'm sure this is the last place Internet predators would lurk, and also I'm a guy. Then again I've heard some nasty things about Emperor Devon. That's me all right. Laid back, cheeky smirk...
  15. I think Italy will win Euro 2008. Germany, Spain & Portugal will make the last 4 I reckon.
  16. Yes it does, because it’s not the same situation as that. You see, TSL was meant to have a sequel. Avellone said so himself. He wrote the plot for it to intentionally have a follow up. Maybe that was the mistake... We’ve waited for nearly three years and there still hasn’t even been an announcement that the game will be made. Now there’s a possibility that the line of SPRPG KotOR games are going to be killed off by MMORPG/s. It’s not fair to those of us who at least want one more SPRPG KotOR game that in all honesty, is needed, to wrap things up. Okay fine, make a KotOR based MMORPG to please those who’d want or even prefer that, but do it without walking all over us who are in support of a SPRPG of KotOR III. Look at the success of the sales of KotOR and TSL. There is clearly good enough support for a SP K3 to be a financial success. To me if no K3 SPRPG is ever made, then it’s like never releasing RotJ after TESB. You simply cannot wrap up TSL via a MMORPG of KotOR3. So in other words, all I’m asking is, if a new SW MMORPG is indeed going to be made, then make sure it has nothing to do with following up TSL. It would be far more rational, feasible and effectual to wrap up TSL from a developers point of view via making a SPRPG, not a MMORPG. That’s another argument I have against this. Think about them too. After all, not all of us don't appreciate plot...
  17. Let’s put it this way. Now I'm a patient man, that's what 19 months in a Vietnamese prison camp will do to you... TESB came out in 1980, didn't it? Well let’s say TESB is TSL. So, it's 1983 and the sequel we've all been dieing to see, RotJ, hasn't even been announced yet! In the meanwhile, there's been credible speculation that Lucas' next movie will be Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, instead of RotJ, which no one knows if it’s even coming out yet or not. So, there is support for this Indiana Jones sequel to come out, but let’s say Lucas could only make one movie at a time. Well, it's been three years and the sequel that TESB so desperately needs, still hasn't arrived yet. Okay fine, make the IJ sequel {let’s say the original came out in 1982 instead} but do RotJ first. It's not fair on those of us who saw ESB to have to wait another two or three more years for RotJ to come out, compared to the IJ fans, who only have to wait two years. In other words, LA should get their priorities right. Sure, a KotOR MMO will most likely make LA more money and hell, there may even be more support for it, but the fact of the matter is, there are still loyal fans who’d prefer that SP K3 sequel to come out first. You’ve already lets us down once, LA. Don’t do it again. It’s no way to treat your customers. It’s like watching two thirds of a movie you’ve never seen before at the cinemas. You’re really enjoying it, only umm... sorry to those of you who were liking it, but we’re going to cross over to another movie for two hours, because all these other people want to see it. But don’t worry, just sit tight, shut up and wait. Eventually we’ll get back to you. Whatever happened to equality in the customer service business? That’s the way I feel about this. It’s like as if you’re having a great party, then bam, it gets gatecrashed by all these jerks you’ve never met before. Call it a selfish view on this if you want, but I beg to differ that it is.
  18. Actually, I'm neither a casual or hardcore gamer. I almost never play games. I just happen to be a big fan of the KotOR games. But still, doesn't mean I alone represent the rest of the casual/infrequent gamers. As possible = make both, technically. I'll leave it at that. Nor will I. However it will be really disappointing if no KotOR3 SPRPG is ever made.
  19. If LA wants to do a Star Wars MMORPG, then why don't they just make it completely separate from KotOR3, so it doesn't piss off those of us who want K3 to be a SPRPG and it doesn't piss off those who want a Star Wars MMORPG? It's not as if the production cost would outweigh the return. I mean seriously, look around. I guarantee you that a significant chunk of the KotOR3 buyers will be fans of the previous KotOR games. Is it just a coincidence that many of us fans here and those on the other KotOR based forums speak about K3 topics as if they expect and hope it to be a SPRPG? I think not. LA would be foolish to leave us in the dark. Okay sure, we don't represent the majority, but you can't help but think given the overwhelming favouritism of a SPRPG K3 over a MMORPG K3 on the Internet, it suggests that it wouldn't be so different off-Internet wise. If it costs more, so what? You have to remember that pleasing as many customers as possible is the most important thing in business. Just ignoring and disregarding some customers for the sake of others is stupid, since you just don't know how profitable to your organisation they may be. LA made the same mistake with TSL. They didn't think ahead. They thought "Oh yeah, we'll rush this game out for Christmas and make more money". They would've made more if TSL came out in Feb for both the Xbox and PC, since there would've been people who heard about the games cut content kaffufle and boycotted it, waiting to buy it later on when it's cheaper and download TSLRP.
  20. Oh it is a problem. It doesn't make any sense for thousands of Jedi and Sith to suddenly be running around killing each other when umm... there's supposed to be hardly any left. No explanation for it is stupid. On such a basis, you might as well just have K3 be about a massive army of Ewoks on steroids attempting to conquer the galaxy. There numbers have gone through the roof and they're now evil because umm... I made it that way. LA would be foolish to disregard the awesome plot potential KotOR3 has as a SPRPG. The plot, the characters, the dialogue choices... can you have all that awesome stuff that made K1 & K2 awesome in a MMORPG? From what I've heard, you can't, so just why exactly would someone want to fix something that ain't broke?
  21. Coruscant: 'Nuff said. Well, I'll add to it. It'd be wicked to see, could easily be incorporated into the plot and how cool would it be to chase some bounty hunter on a speeder on Coruscant at night, like something akin to that of that bounty hunter in AotC that Anikan and Obi-Wan chased. Plus, pretty much everyone wants it, so... Alderaan: It'd be awesome to see, good role-playing potential and an awesome setting to incorporate a "showdown with Sith assassins sent to kill certain political leaders" plot. Sleheyron: Same as above, only it would certainly be awesome to role-play on. I'd love to see the KotOR3 PC & the group do all kinds of Hutt & crime faction things in order to gain key information/data/whatever to help lead them to the True Sith. It'd be an awesome place to meet Jolee too {if Revan is set as LS}. I can just see him leading an underground movement there, secretly trying to help the poor and oppressed, free slaves and so on. Myrkr: It'd be cool to see and give the non-Force users in the group a chance to shine. It'd be a good place to meet Mission and Zaalbar {if Revan is set as LS}. I can see them trying to solve a crisis between escaped Wookiees looking for a new life, Neti and Czerka. I can see a "reclaim ship, stuck in forest, help crisis situation, gain data" plot going. M4-78: I'd like to see this. I'd like to see Systech Corp and the HK droids have a nice role in the plot. I could see a "gas or such problem on the planet, lockdown factory and search for the person trying to shut down the droids or corrupt their programming via a computer to turn them against the Republic" type plot going. I could live without it, but it'd be nice to see in my opinion. Khar Delba/Khar Shian: It'd be awesome to see these two planets. I could see lots of fighting, sneaking around, pretending to be evil to avoid blowing cover or actually being evil because you are, find repair parts for ship, screw up True Sith machinery going on here. Ziost: Based on J-Phile's awesome CW idea, it'd be awesome to find and meet Revan here and help him/her take down whatever True Sith forces left behind to lead you and the group into a trap, involving Revan's capture. Or alternatively, you play a part in Revan's escape, only you don't meet Revan yet. Instead he/she goes in pursuit of some high ranking True Sith who feigned an alliance with him/her. Coruscant {for endgame}: Your cliched, but epic showdown between Mandalorians/Republic/Jedi against the True Sith, involving Revan and the Exile. Once the TS Dark Lord and all are destroyed, then, depending on what alignment you are, Revan's and the Exile's was set to, a potential confrontation/confrontations, redemption plot {all sorts of scenarios} could take place, and if you make the wrong choices and find yourself in the ****, one of the endings could see you dead!
  22. Hell, another thing you have to consider is; how could KotOR3 even work as a MMORPG when there are barely any Jedi left by the nearby post-TSL era, which is what K3 should be set in, if you wanted it to have any meaningful connection to K1 & K2.
  23. The Do of KotOR III is simple. If not me, then someone else must kidnap Chris Avellone and force him to read and use Jediphile’s KotOR III plot suggestion, or the alternative is he gets locked in a dungeon full of raging Revan fanboys... forever! I mean, it wouldn’t have to be exactly the same. Personally I think there are several different ways/endings/scenarios you could handle it from after the Nihilus showdown onwards... So long as Coruscant, Alderaan, Sleheyron, Myrkr, Khar Delba/Khar Shian and Ziost are used, HK-47 & T3-M4 are party members, the Ebon Hawk is back, the showdown with Nihilus and the whole civil war idea is used, Bastila is your master, you get to select the genders and alignments of Revan and the Exile, play as a new main character and the Mission, Zaalbar, Jolee, Carth {LS Revan only} cameos/roles are used the same way J-Phile used them, it would just be pure awesomeness...
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