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  3. Arrrgh, sorry, it has taken me so long to get back and reply :( *fails at life as well*


    Indeed, heh, nice lodgings are always quite fun, they're a bit more comfortable I suppose ;D Oy, train passes are pretty expensive there? Well, I'll have to carefully plan the trip then...I was talking to a few of my German friends, and I asked them if it got cheaper to travel once you were in Europe. They said a little, but really it didn't...so it should be an adventure :D You've been all over the map then! :D The sights must be quite amazing :D I can definitely agree with you on the flights...the food is terrible too :D


    I hope you had a Happy New Year too! Wasn't it Chinese New Year only a little while ago? Year of the Tiger?

  4. FD_Strawberry.jpg


    Have some strawberry chips tonight ^_^

  5. The job hunting went okay! I guess... :p I found work as a telemarketer for a month, and then I got fired (stupid boss was stupid). Next month I'll probably land a job involving customer service via my step-dad! ;D It's his firm so I plan on bossing people around simply because I can. :cool:


    Indeed, New York will be awesome. I'm planning on booking my flight for June 12th 2010, can't wait to eat some pastrami sandwiches at a Jewish deli while figuring out if I want to visit The Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty first!


    P.S I need to snap some snowy photos for you =)

  6. Goodbye Malaysia, thou land auf Allah God's glory! :D




    Please don't burn my house my parents worked very hard to earn it :(

  7. Actually, I know there are a bunch of vids on Youtube on how to do it. I know a guy whose built several, so that will come in useful when I get around to it. He told me that it actually doesn't take very long to assemble, which kind of surprised him when he first started doing it. Current machine is an eMachines, which came w/Vista (%^&%&^!). I've currently got it replaced with a borrowed copy of XP, so the games run ok and w/o the Vista conflicts. Figure I'll get some bare-bones stuff initailly and probably add later, but still better than this non-gaming hunk of junk. Still, I understand lazy. :p Oh, and belated Happy Bday!

  8. Too much left to go. :xp:


    It sounds like you're not going to stop studying for many years to come. But if you didn't bring your laptop to your family, how else would you ensure a steady stream of information to your brain? o_Q

  9. Brave New World is lovely. I especially love the orgy-porgy bits. We need to organise some of that in LF ourselves. >_>


    I've read several arguments against Huxley's vision in BNW, and it's very interesting, actually.

  10. Hehe, it was all right. Not very eventful, but we've all gotten lazy with gift-giving. I'm considering just moving to cards for birthdays and Christmases in the future. How's your current PC for gaming? Good that you're techy enough to DIY though, you'll get a cheap but awesome one. I always wish that I could but am far too lazy to learn how to.

  11. Thanks :D Well, they are not happening at the moment. I have to revise ALL my anatomy and fully intended to do so during this holiday but...heh :p Mayhap I shouldn't bring my laptop when I go down to visit my friends and bring my notes so that I'll study while they are in class. Yourself? How much more high school have you got?

  12. Drop the Murakami, go read Special Topics in Calamity Physics! Am reading Brave New World atm, next up is Don Quixote!

  13. Also I am n00b, I typed out a reply and didn't hit reply? And lost the message. *fails at life*


    Haha, I suppose so but I cannot understand spoken Tagalog :p


    I don't mind it (although I freely admit to liking nice lodgings), but I shall do it when I am earning my own dough, although that's assuming that I will have the time to do it! Switzerland is lovely, but there's not a lot to see in Geneva. Sad to say, train passes will set you back by a few hundred euros @_@ I swung by Montreux while I was there, and I rather liked the town. Very scenic! I've been to lots of places, albeit on packaged tours/short trips. UK and Europe when I was young, USA (Orlando, Miami), New Zealand, China (but not Beijing yet, sigh). And Australia of course, but just Melbourne for a few days and Sydney as a home for the moment! Where have you been to? Traveling isn't fun but seeing the places is :p Flights are horrible.


    Happy new year! :D Any resolutions?

  14. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Am reading more Murakami >_<


    Can't wait for 1Q84 to come out in English... next year. :(

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