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  1. Lio walked into another tavern in town, wanting to clear his head. He was having rotten luck in this town so far.
  2. Lio took the opportunity to set off once again. There had to be someone else worth stealing from in this town.
  3. Lio cursed silently, and began backing away....straight into a centuar.
  4. Mal headed to the ramp and began walking out. He smiled as he saw Alex's disc reader. "He's still listening to that." He commented to Zoe. "At least he's got headphones this time. Remember the speakers?" They both smiled as they remembered when, during the war, someone had accidently turned them all the way up while they were off. They walked up to Alex. "Alex, nice to see you again." Said Zoe, still smiling. "What you been up to?" Asked Mal.
  5. Lio froze around the corner where Reaper and the others were talking. High elves usually carried out valuable things, but stealing from someone Reaper had just saved while they were still with him was not wise. Still, he needed something else before he could get out of town. He'd have to wait.
  6. Mal guided the ship to land at the docks where they'd agreed to meet Alex. Thankfully the docks were public, and didn't require ships to identify themselves. He landed carefully if a little roughly. He still hadn't mastered flying. He turned in time to see Amanda there. "You all patched up?"
  7. *Gabrien nodded, taking the somber news.* Gabrien: How accurate are these prophecies.
  8. "Well, for one thing, it looks like the alliance is still after us." He grinned slightly. "And I decided this planet wasn't that comfortable anways, the weather's too hot and humid." When Jayne came in he answered. "We're meeting Alex." He grimaced "See if he still wants the job with the newly-acquired risks."
  9. The man searched his pockets again, then frowned, trying to remember who could've taken the map. He remembered checking that he had it before entering the town. From there he hadn't encountered anyone until..... "It was a halfling....." he said, incredulous that someone of that species had the nerve to try to pull that off.
  10. "Nice to hear your predictions are good as ever. Now we've got to pick up Alex.....and hope the Alliance doesn't find us along the way."
  11. Mal was in the other pilot's seat helping River. "We need to lose them, and fast."
  12. "Of course." The man reached into his coat.....and paled. "It.....it's been stolen!" He said.
  13. Meanwhile Mal turned to Zoe. "Contact Inara. Tell her to tell Alex not to worry, we've just been delayed."
  14. The informant finished his drink and left. He'd seen the two assasins and was slightly nervous about them. If the king had learned of what he did and had sent them...... He walked outside to meet Ban.
  15. Meanwhile the man looked around, and headed for the bar. He ordered a drink while he waited. ------ Once he was sure no one was following, Lio hid in an alley. He checked his newly acquired goods. The gems were valuable, though not overly so, he pocketed them. Then he checked the scroll. He shook his head and laughed. Some nonesense about the famous amulet. Seems liket he guy he was trailing had been taken in by that legend. At least he'd be able to sell it to someone who truly believed the legend.
  16. "I have a scroll with information about where a map may be located. A map to the fire amulet of Gohan "
  17. ((The lesson is implied )) Mal kept a close eye on the shuttle. Once they landed, he spoke to Jayne. "Keep an eye on her while she's in the cockpit." He gestured, the inside of the shuttle's cockpit was visible "She tries anything, yell and we'll get out of here."
  18. The man entered the tavern, carefully. He'd heard that Ban had been headed this way, and had seen him entering. He sat down next to Ban. "I've got something for the rebels." He said quietly enough so that only Ban could hear him.
  19. "All right. River, go and stop the ship." Mal said, half-amused half annoyed at the imitation. "Sir" Interrupted Zoe. "We still have someone to meet." She meant Alex, but she didn't want to use names, in case Amanda was lying.
  20. Lio kept following the man. Finally he bumped into him, and grabbed what he had. "Sorry" He said, and walked away. He had grabbed a piece of paper and some gems, all of which he'd shoved up his sleeve before removing his hand. The man turned, glared, and kept on his way.
  21. "No." Said Mal. "We prefer to salvage the parts."
  22. Kin looked at John, and nodded reluctantly. "I'll do it."
  23. ((Yeah, but Wash was killed because the Alliance thrust them into that situation. )) "What do you want?"
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