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  1. Mike saw Green's concern. "Relax, Johnny and I are almost old friends."
  2. Cuth went back to the ship. Inside Reynolds, Orlov and Burne were trying to decide what do next. "I don't trust him." Burne was sayinhg "What's going on?" Asked Cuth "Kayla wants to stay here with Elron." "What?" "Yeah. " "You can't let her do that!" "It's her decision." "But she's wrong!" Reynolds sighed. "I guess there's only one thing we can do. I'll take the job the jedi offered me." He hadn't seriously considered accepting the job, unless he ever got into a real tight spot financially. But now it was the perfect way to keep an eye on Kayla. "I don't like it" Said Orlov. "You know what happened last time we worked for the republic." "This time we'll have jedi onboard." "I like that less!" "Well what else can we do?" Silence. "I'll go tell her then." Said Reynolds. -------- "It could be a copy-cat." Said Jack. "I don't see how else the stories could be true."
  3. I'll take Malcom then. I'll give it until the end of the weekend, then if no one else has joined, we'll begin.
  4. Mike looked around at the other gang members. "Keeping busy, I see. Whatcha been up to?"
  5. Mike gestured to Green to follow, and went in. He saw John. "Well, John. How ya doing?"
  6. It's over at Yahoo! too: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/piratesofthecaribbeandeadmanschest.html
  7. While waiting for an answer, Mike's cell phone rang. "Yeah?" "Find any info on the FBI agent?" Asked Donnie. Carefully Mike turned around and answered quietly. "It's messed up. I dug in deeper, and there's no other credentials. It's just her name, rank, photograph. Everything else is classified, but I had someone hack in, it's empty. There's no info. Nothing, nada, zip. " "Any connections." "No, but I'm trying different things. Listen, Don, I know she offered to help, but don't trust her too much, man. Something about this stinks." "I'll be careful. Talk to you later." "All right. Bye." They hung up, and Mike turned to the door and knocked again. "C'mon now! I know he's in there!"
  8. Mike drove directly to where the gang met. Driving in an unmarked car, he passed through without suspicion. He looked at Green, and her State Police uniform. "Just....stay in the car." He left the car and knocked on the door. He had spoken with John on several ocassions, and he knocked. "I'm looking for John Dilan!" He said.
  9. Jack followed after Riebe. The prisoner looked at them, his face worried. --------- "No.....yeah......" He sighed. "I don't know. I mean, the last few months I was scared. Partly that Elron would find me again, partly that my life wouldn't ever mean anything. Now I've got a chance to do something meaningful with my life and.....I'm not sure I should take it."
  10. Meanwhile the base's crew evacuated. Greg and his father finished loading the last of the supplies into the helicopter. "GO! NOW!" He yelled at Robert. "Careful, kid!" Said Robert, and he took off. "We need to set the self-destruct and get the others out." Said Greg. "Let's go!"
  11. Micheal drove to the motel. "Look, you may be able to sense wether or not someone saw you, but flying up anytime you want to is still risky. Even if a person didn't see you a camera could've. " ======== Miguel got out of the car and followed Megan. Inside the shopping mall, the food court was suspiciously empty except for one man sitting at a table in the middle. He looked at Megan expectantly.
  12. Putting on his coat, Mike turned to look at Green. "Stay here if you want." He said, and began heading out.
  13. Mike had planned to spend the rest of his day digging deeper for information about the mystery agent, but that was impossible now. "Now we go question them." He said, getting up. He looked at Green and shook his head, but said nothing.
  14. "Oh really? How many?" Asked Mike casually.
  15. Nick simply shot the video display. "Sorry, guy annoys the hell out of me."
  16. "Relax, we're still getting used to our powers. Supervillains never show up until the good guys are comfortable with their powers."
  17. An RPG continuation of the movie Serenity, beginning several months after the movie ends. It's about a crew working in outer-space 500 years in the future. They take on legal and not-so-legal jobs, until they picked up Simon Tam and his sister, River. River was experimented on by the Alliance (the government), and as a result is psychic and posseses great fighting ability. They've been running and hiding from the Alliance, keeping the Tams safe. Summary of the movie (obviously spoilers): http://themoviespoiler.com/Spoilers/serenity.html You can choose any of the movie's characters: Capt. Malcom Reynolds (the leader, a Han Solo-ish figure, fought with the Independents (a.k.a. the Browncoats) against the Alliance in the Unification war) Zoe Alleyne (second-in-command onboard Serenity and loyal wartime friend of Reynolds. Lost her husband, Wash, during Serenity.) Jayne Cobb: (the hired muscle. A skilled mercenary, is lower class, uneducated, and appears to lack either morals or ethics of any kind. Jayne is often ready to sell out his crew, and sometimes appears to cross over the line between "good guy" and "bad guy". At the same time, he sometimes displays unexpected emotional sensitivity.) Kaylee Frye (ship's mechanic. With no formal training, she keeps the ship, Serenity, running with an intuitive mechanical talent. Has a romantic relation ship with Simon Tam) Inara Serra (a Companion, which is the 26th century equivalent of a Courtesan, sometimes mistaken for a prostitute. Has a strained romantic relationship with Reynolds.) Simon Tam (a medical researcher and trauma surgeon of the first caliber, on the run after breaking his sister River out of a government research facility.) River Tam ( a genius and child prodigy, but suffered from unspecified experimentation at the hands of Alliance doctors. Has great psychic and fighting abilities) Before we begin, everyone choose a character, I'll choose from whoever is left over
  18. "No, but they will be eventually. Then we'll be old news"
  19. "Is it wierd if I woke up this morning thinking 'Y'know, I bet that by the end of the day, I'll be dodging monsters and trying to bring down the company'?"
  20. "Hiding out in a farm for the rest of our lives isn't much better than running." Said Micheal, getting into the car again. "But something'll happen soon. We can't be the only ones who are getting these powers."
  21. "And then it's a long hike from Viral to the emergency shuttles." Said Nick.
  22. "A gang coming back to life is a better news story than just another attack in a gang war that's been going on for years."
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