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  1. Kin headed to the infirmary, and leaned against a wall outside of it.
  2. Name: Lio Age: 22 Race: Halfling Appearance: Black hair, bright blue eyes, short Class: Wanderer Alignment: Neutral Homekingdom: Megilenta Weapons: Short sword, dagger Equipment: chainmail armor Biography: Managed to survive his childhood in Megilenta, an impressive feat for a halfling. At the age of 15 he had enough money to get away from that place, mostly acquired by thieving. He wanders the land now, surviving mostly by stealing Other: Mysterious, strong for a halfling. Never tells anyone his last name. --------- Lio walked along the streets, he was following a suspicious man. One who was crouched down carefully, and looking around. Those always had valuable stuff.
  3. ((Well, we could do that they're looking for a replacement pilot for Wash. So far they went to one of the more central planets to get a job, legal and legit. But when they arrived they were ambushed by the girl. There was a fight, and Simon finished it by speaking the words to put the girl and River to sleep. Now the girl says that the alliance had lied to her about the crew and that she means no harm.)) Zoe stood at the door. She was angry, she knew that the same people who had killed her husband had now sent another assasin after them. Malcom was worried, mostly for the same reasons. Last time the Alliance had sent someone after them, Book and Wash had died. He was reluctant to take any more chacnes this time. His eyes narrowed. "What's your name?"
  4. Hey, you try posting whilst fighting 5 people for use of the computer.
  5. "That'd be a good start." Said Malcom, still not trusting her.
  6. "It's another girl like River." Said Zoe. "Except her conditioning was completed..." "Killing ain't what I do, little girl." Said Malcom. "I don't know what the alliance told you about me, but I just try to survive. "
  7. Gabrien: So they'll be coming here. Good. What can you tell me about these prophecies?
  8. I'll join....just let me think what race. I'll probably be a wanderer
  9. "We've got a swimming pool, but we'll need your help filling it. Follow me." He led the two deeper down, and they finally arrived at an empty swimming pool. He gestured. "This is it. We haven't gotten the water working yet. "
  10. "That seems like a good idea." Said Malcom. "So what do you want?"
  11. "All right..." He walked down to the room "Zoe, stay outside be ready if she tries anything. Simon, put her to sleep as soon as she does." He walked in.
  12. "Good. Let's land this thing." Carefully they manuevered the ship over the landing space, and landed softly. Cautiously they opened the door. Even though they'd been guaranteed safety here, after what they'd been through the mandalorians weren't taking any chances.
  13. Mal was discussing what they were going to do with the girl with Zoe when River bolted in. "What's wrong?" He asked
  14. "We just heard. He left this." He showed the note to Kyle. "Looks like it's just us."
  15. Gabrien: Would you say he is in good hands with the others? That they can protect him?
  16. Kin saw what happened, swore and began yelling for Niomi. "NIOMI! GET OVER HERE NOW!" he yelled. He turned to John. "You're going to be OK, John. You're gonna get better." He stuck his head out of the room. "NIOMI! WE NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!"
  17. Kin heard the alarms. "What the he-Is that John's room?" He bolted out of Emma's room, and ran toward's John's. He turned the alarms off. "What's wrong?!" He demanded
  18. "Thank you." A pause. "Would you like to rest now?"
  19. "Nice decorations." Commented Kin. "I like the....complete lack of personal touches." He turned serious again. "It is a dangerous job. But we are in need of some money right now. We aren't exactly in a position to pick and choose jobs. It's not like we've got thousands of jobs lined up, like your friend Hawk. "
  20. Mal looked up at the alliance ships. "Everyone back in. Now!" He yelled. He began running in but Zoe stopped him. She gestured at the . "What about her?" "What about her, Zoe? Let's go!" "We can't just leave her here." Mal glanced back at the and cursed in chinese. "All right, help me out with it." Together they carried the body inside. They took it to the closet where River had previously been chained in, and chained the new one. Meanwhile Simon carried River to the infirmary and woke her up. He prepared himself for any changes in her behavior.
  21. I thought it was a good popcorn flick, and a decent target for a remake, because, like toms said, the original is so old. I mean, it's one thing to make a remake of say, willy wonka, which came out less than thirty years ago, and remaking King Kong which came out over 70 years ago (let's ignore the 76 remake). I agree, it isn't art, but it IS a good movie. And I also agree that I'm ed that things like Serenity don't make it big, while retreads do, but that's why I'm giving people the DVD this christmas. So those people'll get hooked to the movie/tv show, then I'll explain it was cancelled, then they'll tell other people, and I'll start a small chain.
  22. "River!" Yelled Simon, he threw himself in front of her, hoping to block the other .
  23. Kin followed Emma. "I agree with you." He said quietly.
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