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  1. Gabrien sat quietly, at the end his face showed shock, happiness, and worry. Gabrien: Will these.....things that took him harm him?
  2. Simon grabbed River. "What is it?" Mal looked up nervously. "We have to get back on the ship."
  3. Xan grinned at Xerce as they walked. "Hey, I'm Xan Reeds."
  4. Greg grinned back at Breia Great. Of all the people to get a crush on, you get one on someone who's eleven on her world He wondered for a moment what would happen if she could read that thought, then decided it didn't matter anyway. He shouldn't even be thinking that, not while they were still at war. He turned to Endac. "That's more than understandable. You're the first one to successfully come back after Imperial brainwashing. " They had now left the entrance hall. The moment the doors closed behind them the room erupted into chatter, the kids were discussing the Toren. Soon they arrived to the control room, where Byrne Sr. was waiting. "We've managed to contact Skywalker. He's working on getting us a fleet from the republic, but the senate wants a witness from that galaxy. Troezen, we've stolen a hyper-space capable ship for you, we'd like you to leave as soon as possible." Troezen nodded, said farewell to the group, and was led to his ship. After he took off, Byrne spoke agian. "I've spoken to the other leaders. We've decided: We'll attack in two days."
  5. Simon went after her, following her. Mal ran after him. He was nervous now, remembering the last time River had acted like that.
  6. Mal stayed in his seat, ready to take over the controls if anything went wrong, Simon watched nervously over River's shoulder
  7. "Blowing the door's easy. It's the getting away that's not."
  8. "Oh really?" He paused. "So you came to earth when you were how old?"
  9. Zoe had left, back to her room once again. Mal nodded at River. "All right. But be careful." He said sternly. Simon kneeled besides River, in case something happened.
  10. Mal looked at River warily. It wouldn't do well to crashland the ship in front of the would-be clients. On the other hand her condition had improved since her fight with the reavers. He looked at her. "You sure?"
  11. "All right, let's land this thing." Said Mal, taking the ship off autopilot.
  12. "Must be interesting" Said Greg. He was curious about how the toren lived.
  13. "Thank you" Said the kid and he went back. Greg smiled amused. He had, however, noticed Alex and Breia's careful choice of words. They started walking again. "You're good with children." Commented Greg.
  14. I think Celso would've qualified for a car or at least a bike. And I like the suicide idea. Or maybe he was an accomplice to a white-collar crime.
  15. The kid persisted. "And that army's gonna save us?" "These are the kids of the people in the resistance" Explained Greg quietly. "They haven't had reassurance in a while." They could, however, see that for the most part the older children looked at them with suspicion, not hope.
  16. It's a cool sci-fi flick about a group of rouges who are harboring a psychic wanted by the government. Based on the series Firefly.
  17. I didn't know you learned that what happens in videogames isn't real until you were 18!
  18. Some time later the monorail stopped. The doors opened, revealing a hallway full of civilian refugees, all of them children. They looked up at the group, and recognized Endac, Breia and Alex as the rumored aliens who would help them. One of them approached them timidly, and looked up at them. "Are you the ones who are going to save us?" He asked, in awe.
  19. I think PDZ is basically the same thing 'cause it's development had to be restarted. I mean seriously, I was a little more intrigued when it was cel-shaded.
  20. I don't mind ratings being enforced. What I do mind is moron politicians trying to push a rating from M to AO where it won't be sold anywhere.
  21. "What's the matter? Never break into an impenetrable fortress before?
  22. "Hanging in there." Replied Mal. "Like she's been since it happened." Zoe had remained mostly in their room, mourning. She was still good in a fight, but there was a notable difference in her behavior in the ship. Soon after she arrived in the cockpit. "What's the job this time?" "Legal. Just a simple delivery, from here to Persephone. " Zoe nodded. "It's just medical supplies and food. So there shouldn't be any trouble. So Jayne, try to behave this time."
  23. Xan glanced at Nick. The tension was palapable.
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