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  1. Hamster Hamster VS. Dying in the same way while watching the star wars holiday special
  2. Rail driver Rail driver like that VS. Lightsaber in the same way
  3. Fist Fist VS. Shotgun shell to the groin
  4. middle finger middle finger VS. middle finger while driving
  5. Stuart little Stuart little VS. Mickey mouse
  6. Counter Stike Counter strike VS. TFC
  7. LF and its ingabitants LF and its inhabitants vs. LEC and its inhabitants
  8. Garfield garfield VS. tigger
  10. Gohan Gohan VS. the whole star wars universe(teamed up)
  11. Poodle Poodle vs. trigger happy JKII stormtroopers
  12. Pc definetly (i dont have Xbox:( )
  13. Temple of doom was a good movie but not as good as the other 2 movies but it had some great lines like the woman:Whats that? Lao:antidote indy:for what ? Lao:for the posion you just took doctor jones (Laughs) Most of Short rounds lines The stones will be found Dr.Jones YOU wont
  14. Star Wars, Spider-man and some other movies in the same summer LETS ROCK AND ROLL
  15. If we all cooperated in making the indy game (with indianajones9 as project leader) wed end up with the best indy game ever made:)
  16. i think its Bounty Hunter, Knights of the old Republic and the Indiana Jones game from the collective
  17. Drew Drew carrey vs. jim caerry
  18. peta bread peta bread vs. pizza bread
  19. stormtroopers with lightsabers (now they got a better chance)
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