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  1. a giraffe a giraffe vs. the toys r us giraffe
  2. internet advertising internet advertising vs. movie hype:D
  3. normal cafe normal cafe vs. starbucks
  4. burger king burger king vs. KFC
  5. P.S.i am going to buy a Ge force 4 card when my finances allow it
  6. i have a pentium 4 with 2.2 GHZ 120 GB hard drive 512 megs ram DVD-RW a GEforce 3 Ti card and cable internet.
  7. pizza hut pizza hut vs. Burger king
  8. dominos dominos vs. pizza hut
  9. do you think PC gamer US is going to have all that
  10. mozzarella mozarrela vs. domino's pizza
  11. sponge bob sponge bob vs. swiss cheese
  12. sponge bob sponge bob vs. catdog
  13. fred flintstone fred flintstone vs. alan grant
  14. the skywalker twins the skywalker twins vs. count dracula
  15. the olsen twins the olsen twins vs. the skywalker twins
  16. spy in white. spy in white vs.
  17. hey will PC Gamer (US) have a review and the movie demo and everything else? and when will it be realeased?
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