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  1. Kin liked Emma, but he couldn't help but be curious. "How big?"
  2. Micheal pulled into the motel. "All right, remember, we're just here to change our appearances. We'll meet here soon as we're done."
  3. Kin thought it over. "I don't know. I want to but...." He shrugged, Mya could sense he was hiding something. "I don't trust that many people. Why are you so curious?"
  4. "All right, all right. No need to get forceful..." He walked out, Green following behind him. When they got to the car, he took out his cell phone. "You get all that Captain?" "Yes." Said Logan's growly voice on the other end. "We'll keep an eye on them." Mike hung up and grinned at Green. "Let's head back to the station."
  5. "We could." Said Mike mildly. "But with answers that vague, we'd have no choice but to mark all of you as suspects and put stakeouts on you and this place. Effective immediately."
  6. 1. What is your name? Carlos 2. What country are you from? Mexico 3. What language did you learn first? Spanish (Second?) English (Third?) French 4. How old were you when you learned English? How many years have you been speaking English? at the same time I learned spanish, 14-15 years 5. Why did you choose to learn English? We moved to the USA for a year 6. Have you ever been to a country where the spoken language is English (America, Canada, England)? Yes When? USA: 2 months, Canada: 4 years old, England: 6 years old Why? USA: Health reasons, Canada: Skiing in Whistler, England: Family trip 7. What was your experience there? Good. 8. What did you find to be the most difficult about interacting with people who spoke English natively? Slang, misuse of words 9. What did you find to be the easiest about interacting with people who spoke English natively? Casual conversation 10. Have you ever encountered any sort of xenophobia outside of your own country due to your accent or manner of speaking English? Kids making fun of accents 11. Have you ever witnessed citizens in your home country acting xenophobic towards visiting English speakers? See above 12. How many of your friends, family, and colleagues speak English? Parents, sister, some of my uncles, most of my cousins, all my friends 13. Do you ever converse in English with friends or family despite that you have a common native language? With my sister 14. Compared to your native language, what aspect of English to you appreciate/like the most? People don't mind misuse of words and grammar specifics 15. Compared to your native language, what aspect of English to you dislike the most? Abstract grammar rules 16. Do you ever pick up on grammatical errors of native English speakers? Or do they pick up on your errors? Both, I mostly pick up theirs 17. Do you feel like any part of your native language made it easier to learn English? Some similar words. 18. Do you feel like any part of your native language made it more difficult to learn English? Nope
  7. Kin shrugged. "Not that well, I guess. She's only been with us for a month and we barely had a chance to sit down and just talk until earlier today."
  8. "It'll be their decision wether to help us or not." He paused. "They might, but what the bounty's off their head now"
  9. Kelso led Jana back into the lounge. He made sure there was no one listening, and spoke quietly. "I know you're lying to me." He said simply.
  10. Sawyer's ship crashed onto the temple landing platform. Its landing gear was torn out from under it, and the ship flipped over. Dazed, and part of the stitches of his arm broken, Sawyer stepped outside. He saw Skywalker, and grinned weakly. "So what now?"
  11. BLEEEEEEEEEP BLEEEEEEEEEP BLEEEEEEEEEP The alarms woke Sawyer up. When he opened his eyes he was almost blinded by the lights of coruscant, and the building he was about to crash into "SITHSPAWN!" he cursed, he twisted the flightstick downwards, forcing the ship up. The ship's tail hit the building and the ship began tilting back downwards. With all his strength Sawyer controlled the crash. He looked around for a place to crash-land. There was only one: The jedi temple.
  12. Nick fired twice up at the monsters with his shotgun. "GO! I'LL COVER YOU!" He yelled, shooting. He shot six more times, and different monsters exploded in a shower of gore. He quickly reloaded.
  13. Curious, Kin approached the jedi. "So, you feeling alright now?"
  14. Agreed. Kelso looked concerned. "Jana, come with me."
  15. "C'mon, Johnny. You know the news never reports all the facts. Besides the Slickers are gone, they haven't popped up anywhere else. So just tell me where you were between 5 and 10 this morning and I'll leave you alone."
  16. "Oh, just dropped by to see how you were doing.....and if you knew anything about the limo bombing."
  17. "We'll be there. She'll be covered all the way." Assured Jack
  18. "Look, this isn't going to be as easy as looking someone up on the holonet." He sighed. "You're not going to like this, but the easiest way to find him is to use bait. Specifically your cousin. "
  19. "It'll be hard, but we will. He won't give up that easily. What I'm worried about is what his endgame is."
  20. "And the new one will have different methods." ---------- Reynolds nodded, and headed back to the ship.
  21. Reynolds approached Alyssa. "Well, after thinking it over....we've decided to accept the job offer." ======= "Agreed. How did you find him last time?"
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