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  1. Returning from exile to say that I'm glad that Chris Avellone finally spilt the beans. Yeah, I'm disappointed, but I rather be disappointed than wait for the end of KOTOR III to find out they reused the same plotline of KOTOR II. Anyway, it does make Bioware's plotline more interesting. Remember, in TOR, the "True Sith Empire" (or at least what is likely to be the True Sith Empire) won. Not only that, but the True Sith, at its moment of trimpuh, decided, instead of extermination, to sign a a peace treaty. I have a hard time thinking that Kreia, or Obisidan's True Sith would even consider something like that. These are not your regular Sith here. They're still very generic, but at least they got some heretical ideas going on here. You could spend, what, ten minutes, examining their motives carefully. Going back into exile. Good job Palvos.
  2. Hello. I am planning on hosting an "alternate reality game", which will be played somewhat similar to a BoardWar, where you fight in the "Cold War" over an island dictatorship. You will control a character fighting in a war and be randomly assigned to 4 different factions (each faction being controlled by a real player, but not on this forum), but from there, it is up to you what you want to do. This will span different boards, and you will be playing against other people who may reside on different boards. So, it is sorta-mulitplayer. Please post if you are interested in playing. I am planning on sending emails to people who are interested in playing, and allowing them to email me back telling me what they want to do as a character...
  3. I guess that's true too. The fact that it's still "Sith" doesn't help the Republic any. Oh well. I'll apologize for this thread.
  4. No, I'm not trying to incite an discussion. If I did, I would have it be in the title. I'm okay with what Bioware has done. I'm sure most people are, after all. I mean, it's their game now, and they got good reason to do it. And, it doesn't really matter what our views are, Bioware did it. So, really no discussion. I made a mistake, and I should have seen any consquences. You see, I had no reason at the time to believe that the True Sith would win, but that's the thing, I should have thought that way. I should have somehow thought that Obisidan or Bioware would have been creative enough to do that, to let the plotline continue, rather than to terminate it. I didn't. It was an honest mistake...but it was a mistake. That was it. I might have been hard on myself for calling it "stupid", but...I really should have known better. Especially with me cluttering the forum with nonsense like "why play the game if we know the ending", when it turns out I didn't know the ending. Meh.
  5. This thread is not me coming back. I'm not coming back. But I made a mistake. I need to take responsiblity for said mistake, rather than leave it unresolved. If I made a dumb prediction, I need to apologize for it. Time and time again, I repeated a dumb prediction about the True Sith: That they would be destroyed at the end of KOTOR3 and the galaxy would be saved. I was wrong. I was so wrong. That is because, as the KOTOR MMO showed, a new Sith Empire trimpuhed and acheived parity with the Old Republic. In fact, the Jedi had to relocate due to the power of this new Sith Empire. Players can ally with the Sith Empire or the Old Republic, and accept quests from both factions. It stands to reason that the new Sith Empire is likely backed by the True Sith...or maybe are the True Sith themselves. And since it is unlikely that this MMO would truly end, the Sith Empire will still exist for a long time, meaning that the True Sith won. I never, honestly, in a million years expected that. Never. Not even from Obisidan. Say what you will about The Old Republic MMO...but at least Bioware got guts to showcase the bad guys WINNING. So there we go. I made a dumb prediction, and I was proven wrong. I'm sorry.
  6. (Alright, I know, I know, I said I would leave, but, um... I have been worried over a Russia-Georgia war for quite some time. To see it actually happen just begs me to come over here to say, "Told ya so." That's it. Now back to exile...) Ask the Russian government themselves. The Russians has granted citizenship to anyone living in South Oesstia, as well as the right to use Russian passports. This was the main reason the Russians used for why they sent troops to SO, because they were protecting their own 'citizens'. And overwhealmingly, the majority in SO are Oesstians. The Georgian governments were the ones who started the attack. And I have no sympathy for their leader. However, the current US Strategy (call for a return to the status quo, an ending to the fighting) seems to be the only good one at the moment. This is going to be an important war: If Georgia wins, Russia's power will diminsh heavily. If Russia wins, America's power will diminish heavily. Georgia's military looks very weak on paper, but it did get arms and training from NATO, and it is betting on NATO intervention, so who knows? My money's on Russia though.
  7. Alright. It's offical that the KOTOR MMO is coming out. There are few details, but it is rather unlikely I am going to buy it... Let me explain. A few weeks after I bought the KOTOR series (or is it a few weeks before, I am not certain), I checked up on wikipedia to learn more, and I found out about the TSLRP. Then I got linked from TSLRP over to LF, which I stayed for quite some time. I stayed mostly because I wanted to learn more about TSL. And I did. I learnt more than I ever thought possible. And then I stopped learning. And then I stayed more because of the "Ethics" thread that lead to the creation of the Kavar's Corner, for good or bad. But now that we know KOTOR MMO is coming. And there's no denying it. EA's guy is telling the truth. KOTOR MMO does not exist in my 'canonical KOTOR universe', and will never exist in my eyes, so I am not so concerned about it as most other people. We all can easily conclude what is going to happen anyway with the True Sith (their eventual genocide)...and after the death of the True Sith, I don't honestly care about Revan, the Exile, the Republic, everything else. The story ends, I don't have to see useless exposition. But what it does mean that this forum may eventually be a battleground between those who support the "KOTOR MMO" project made by Bioware and those who support the regular hypotethical "KOTOR SP", made by Obisidan. Not to mention that, the MMO component will bring in a flux of brand new accounts, leading to a conflict between the New KOTOR Fans and the Old KOTOR Fans. Not to mention the New KOTOR Fans battling amongst each other in the form of Clans and Balance Issues. Eventually, this board can, and likely will, splinter into two sections that hate each other relentlessly, without good moderation, which I am quite certain already exist with Kavar's Corner as a good proving grounds. As it stands though, this forum will enter into interesting times. And frankly, well, I don't really want to witness this conflict. So, that's it. I haven't been active in Kavar's Corner anyway, so until I post in 6 months after the embers die down, assume that I left this KOTOR forum forever. Yes, I know, most 'goodbye' threads are intended to be just that, 'goodbye', but I am sure that I won't say 'goodbye' forever (too much of the 'old guard' here to leave forever, you know). But I am pretty certain that I won't post 6 months.
  8. The CEO should learn to keep his mouth shut instead of boasting. But at least now we got full confirmation that the Old Republic MMO is set in the KOTOR universe, therefore the KOTOR series will in fact be ruined. I guess the last thing is how exactly the MMORPG "element" of the game will dominate. It could very well be possible that there is a 'tutorial' SP game, where you battle the True Sith with Revan and Exile, and the 'aftermath' MMORPG game where you reconstruct the Jedi Order after battling the True Sith. Following in the tradition of Age of Conan...so it might be an innovation Bioware is willing to steal. Hey, it could work. Or it could be me grasping at straws. But yes. KOTOR MMO is dead to me. So I should start writing that "KOTOR3" storyline thread sooner or later.
  9. I'm going to go and ask the mods very nicely if they can lock this thread, considering the fact that, while it isn't any flaming or such, it is somewhat going off-topic, due to the actual 'party' being canceled...as well as the fact that this topic is going far more serious than I anticipated. Any discussion about communism, political parties, etc. could be held in Kavar's Corner in a separate topic. So, um, mods. Er. Please?
  10. ... Great. By making this topic, I helped unite the anti-Democrats...As a general response thread: 1) The Democratic Party is the correct name of the Democratic Party. So, no I won't call them the Democrat Party. I will grant each political party the decency to name themselves, understand? 2) What's all this hate about parties? People get together and enjoy themselves while talking about stuff. I thought that how most parties are, you know. You eat, you talk among friends, you leave. The only difference is that the Democratic Party is sponsoring it, but then it's just the same as the fund-raisers that both political parties usually hold. 3) The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are actually both very good parties. While I understand the partisans try to scream at each other, both represent two ideologies I support: the idea of economic liberty (Republican) and individual liberty (Democrats), the idea of personal responsibility (Republican) and collective responsibility (Democrats). The left and the right. Two separate strands of thought. Some solutions from the right will work, some solutions from the left will work. So, I don't share this utter disgust and hatred for the two-party system. 4) If you want a successful third party, then don't start aiming for the Presidency. Try to learn how politics work, and then win some local stuff first by gathering a dedicated core. Don't complain and whine about how the system is broken. Do something. And overall, aim to win, not aim to demonstrate an ideology. A third-party might do more damage in a system where the electoral college is abolished, due to the possibility of votes being lost, but I'd focus on results. And whatever you do, come up with a coherent ideology for what you plan to do. And make sure your ideology works. Why throw the rascals out when we just replace it with a clueless idiot who will end up hurting the territory that they rule? You will be held responsible for every error you make, so you better make sure you think wisely. 5) There has been cases where a Third Party can very well "transform" a major party...or, more cynically, "hijack" it. This is because this third party usually showcase a huge amount of supporters, so one of the two major political parties decide to embrace the agenda of the Third Party so much so as to bring those supporters into their camp. The Populists who later influenced the Democratic Party, as well as Eugene's Socialist Party, comes into mind here. Don't rely on it though. 6) There are so many arguments over what is and is not communism, with Troskyists and Stalinists and Maoists all pounding over what is and is not 'true communism'. Might be fun to watch, but frankly, I'm not going to wade into that.
  11. Really now? Surely, a game in the developing country does not in fact cost $3,000 USD. Total income may be lower, but I am sure that a local and legal copy would cost the same in USD, or maybe even cheaper, as a way to try and undermine pirates. Not to mention, of course, that there are more games out there than this costly generation.
  12. There are. Also I did some research on the underground market I have went to. Seems that in 1992, Pakistan has begin overhauling its copyright laws, but enforcement of the copyright laws has been spotty at best. The worst news however, is that they're still in need of overhauling its copyright laws, and the United States still views Pakistan as a violator of international copyright law. Here's an article from 2000 that discusses how entrenched piracy is, and explains some of the arguments used against reforming Pakistani copyright laws.
  13. Just because I want something that is expensive does not mean that I should automatically get it for cheap. Games are a luxury, not an necessity. To have fun. Don't tell me that people buy games for other reasons except for entertainment. And if you state that there is no incentive to buy it rather than get it somewhere else, then I ask you why should I be willing to compensate someone for their hard work when I could just leech from them anyway? I'm sorry, but I actually bought games from this underground market (though I prefer the term "black market"), and people in this underground market told me that they are able to do so because of the lack of copyright laws. In fact, they stated that since in their nation, there is no copyright laws, they can pirate whatever they want and not get punished...in that nation. So, I do consider myself informed. At least when discussing my "underground market". Ah, but you forget the fact that you can buy games that are in fact low budget. Gaming is a luxury, and there are differing degrees of luxury. You don't need an X360. A Super Nintendo is actually quite fine. Or...gasp...you could go on the Internet and download "FREEWARE" applications. In fact, I can safely say that I had more fun with the various (possibly illegal) modifications of Super Mario Brothers than I did playing...well...many of the generic top-of-the-line 3d FPS. Had a person bought the Super Mario Brothers legally...well...I'd still have the same amount of fun. The only reason I believe this may not have happened at all is, well, Super Mario Brothers isn't released in this third-world country at all, hence having to rely on this. Yeah, I'm a firm believer in abandonware, but I also recognize it is totally illegal, and people should realize that. And not everyone in a third-world nation is poor. They have lower income, and they need help, but they can also survive on their own.
  14. Amen. And besides, it costs lot of time and money to actually produce a game. It's really, really dumb if I go out and produce a game, and then find out later that nobody is actually buying said game because they are downloading off the Internet for free. It cost time and money to produce a game, you know. And if you take away the incentive to make a game, then why should I make one? Though, to be honest, a major reason why developing countries seem to have lots of piracy is because, well, they don't respect copyright laws and property rights. Which hurts their economic growth in the long term due to a lack of incentive to actually create something over there (why should they? Somebody would just copy their idea and sell it cheaper!). This is why it is a good idea for the governments to start protecting copyright laws, to protect their own, overground legal industries (though, more likely, protect copyright laws for other things that are more important than games...).
  15. Um. The actual Party has been cancelled due to such short notice, the fact that I got stressed out, the fact that I didn't prepare this fully, and the fact that I just offended a bunch of people in the process of inviting people for said party. Sorry.
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