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  1. Hey JM. Remember me, from SWF?

  2. I have an issue, when exactly will everything happen. Like when will the Silvas sith tomb event start? I can't find the tomb, and when will happen the Arc Soldiers thing? And what about the liberation of Dantooine? And must I kill the Jedi Council to be able to proceed? And why will I only have once the time to talk with Zaen about his past?

    Any help?

  3. Hello, I would appreciate if someone could create a reskin of the 4th PC male head in KoTOR - not to replace the current head, but for an NPC. I would like him to have a goatee, dark hair (almost black), a small scar below above his lip, and shorter hair. I would do it myself, but I am absolutely horrible at image editing and using 3D programs.
  4. If the Ebon Hawk is like most of the other modules in the game, then yes. All you would need to do is set waypoints for NPCs, as shown in the tutorial here.
  5. Well, let me start off by saying welcome to the forums! It's always nice to see a new face around here. Foremost, you should know that it might not be possible to create a female Wookiee in KoTOR II since there are no female Wookiees present in TSL, and therefore there aren't any skins to use. However, I am not 100% sure about that - there might be extra, unused skins lying about-, and I'm sure an experienced 3D modder could create a female Wookiee. I would advise skimming through the Tutorials section of Holowan Labs to answer most of your general questions - veteran modders have taken a lot of time writing those tutorials, so why not use them? In any case, here are some tutorials that you might want to look over for your particular project. Spawing Items, Placeables, and Creatures Custom Modules tutorial How to recruit an NPC in less than 10 steps + [TSL] Recruit Script If you have any particular questions, I would recommend 'dissecting' the Recruit Dustil mod in KoTOR Tool to see the source codes, .utcs, etc. that were used so that you can get an idea of what is necessary to construct a mod like the one you're planning. If you have any other questions, or if I wasn't clear enough, feel free to ask - I'll clarify as needed. -- JM76
  6. lol, I've heard from so many people that Chemistry is hard/annoying/fails, so I can't wait to get it out of the way this year >_>
  7. Gameplay mechanics don't contribute to a person's said strength. Otherwise, the Secret Apprentice would be like the god of the SW universe. Especially b/c that's just what they are. Gameplay mechanics. They are just their to provide an RPG feel to the game. As for the Dark Jedi being able to shrug it off, I'd suppose they'd need to become resilient to it, considering the happy habit Malak had about using Force lightning on incompetent/unwilling-to-turn-to-the-Darkside Jedi. Otherwise, I'd like to possess an insta-death saber that cuts people in pieces on contact like they do in the movies
  8. @HK-42: You aren't a Revan fanboy are you? On-topic: Though Revan is pretty strong, being the head of the Revanchist, going head-to-head with Mandalore and Malak (ok, Malak isn't a good example). He also killed a bunch of those stupid Selkath and Rakata I digress, I wouldn't rate him higher than Anakin/Yoda/Luke, at all. Maybe Mace Windu level of skill/power/strength/etc.
  9. Hmm... prolly #6 for LS, #3 or #14 for DS. I don't remember the last time i played female exile, tho. 3 and 14 got that creepy "I've returned and I'm going to kill everybody" look. Especially 3. >_>
  10. No problem. Just curious about how far along the modules were. Keep up the good work. Your progress has been good so far.
  11. Wow... at first I was skeptical... but this is looking really awesome! I love the edited movie and plot. Do you have any of the new modules done? I'd really like to see 'em if you do. If not, that's cool. Keep at it, either way.
  12. Heh, Anime/Manga. I love em. I particularly like... Anime: One Piece, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero, Death Note, F-Zero GX Manga: Claymore, FullMetal Alchemist
  13. The strongest enemy is obviously the Rancor or Calo Nord on Taris (as previously stated). But I think the toughest enemy would have to be either Sherruk, Marl (I lost to him one more time than I lost to Bendak >_<), or that one droid in the Vulkar garage. The droids in the Dantooine Star Chamber are pretty powerful, too, if you don't use grenades/shields, like I do.
  14. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been hearing "Handlebars" by Flobots, and the song has driven me to such insane lengths that I've actually come to like it and can't get it out of my head
  15. lol, so nobody's up for remodeling the Enclave to look destroyed? It's cool, I'll attempt to do it myself (*gulps* >_>). Though it would be cool if it was cut content.
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