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  1. I've heard rumors it ends within minutes of the boarding of the Tantive IV... I'm very excited for this
  2. One thing that tugged at my heart strings was when Han said "it's true.. All of it" it worked for me on so many levels, one being the fact I've stuck with Star Wars for 35 years through the highs and lows. Magic! Oh and Han and Leia's theme... Wow goosebumps lump in throat
  3. I suck at this type of game so so bad, but it looks pretty. #toomuchmmomakesadamapoofpsplayer
  4. This has got me playing again! Makeb was the most boring planet in the history of Star Wars gaming, and Oricon is a bit weird. Rishi and Yavin are back to the Star Wars goodness! It just feels good to play again on these planets
  5. What a Game, what a series. Never matched. Happy Birthday TSL!
  6. Valid discussion as in THIS discussion, not whether there should be black stormtroopers. I think you've kind of proven my point.
  7. To be honest it's quite a strange thing, I genuinely think most people who brought up the question were honestly asking about it with regards to the EU, and the way the Empire was portrayed as Nazi-like, with assumptions that ST's were blonde haired and blue eyed, but in a rush to be PC (and rightly so) HUNDREDS of threads popped up basically saying "So Stormtroopers can't be Black Huh? I think..." etc etc, so for every 1 thread asking why, there are 30 threads calling Star Wars fans and George Lucas racist. So I think it's a good discussion and it's bringing up valid points, but there has been a lot of intellectual dishonesty, or at least "Playing dumb" for the sake of Starting a flame-war, which sucks, and sullies the amazing acting and emotion John Boyega brought to that 2 second scene, in fact it's probably the best acting in Star Wars since 1983. I made that meme to try and cool the jets in a couple of Facebook threads lol #BlackstormtroopersFTW
  8. I'll pop this here, in case you stroll in to one of the many Uneducated corners of the internet, and people are arguing over John Boyega as a Stormtrooper...
  9. My initial thoughts exactly, I think it may even be a completely different technology, more akin to an electro-staff, than the well known focusing crystal based weapon. It would also be cool if, like you say, was an ancient design, much like the Protosabers of 5,000 BBY. On a side note, I've heard rumors (From the same people who predicted this trailers content almost frame for frame) That this "Dark Cyborg Man" is more of a Fanatic, than an actual Sith or trained force user, so maybe he just doesn't have the knowledge, skill and components to fashion a Lightsaber that works like the ones we know so well. Either way, buzzing about this trailer! can't wait until Christmas 2015
  10. Can't wait, and I still have yet to see the Yavin System again yet too, I feel so nostalgic (Leveling to 55 in 2.5 days with the new 12x XP bonus was nice too lol!)
  11. I caught this on the news, it would be interesting to see more cases like this re-opened and examined now technology has progressed
  12. Hey thanks man! Happy birthday to him as well :)

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