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  1. I just realized, though, that when you get to Kamino, you _can't_ be the engineer and succeed (you have to take out at least one flying ship...although you might be able to use a turret...hmmm). * SithSpeeder *
  2. Oh yeah! Engineers rock on that map. Jump in a tank and lay waste, clearing a perimeter around the CP. Then, jump out, using the tank as a shield and repair it. Rinse and repeat. Fix ammo droids as needed, too. In my "One" campaign, I usually use the Engineer. * SithSpeeder *
  3. Hey Maxtork-- If you have a hero (Obi-Wan), then either hack at the AAA with your lightsaber or even do a lightsaber throw (L1) at them. I have been doing the campaign using only stormtroopers (no heroes or villians) and only one life, so I have learned to be very careful with completing each level. On that map in particular, after achieving the first objective, a "chicken walker" appears near the start point. Jump in that thing and take the next two CPs (only hopping out to do the capture and/or fix them...you are an engineer, right?). When Grievous appears, I wail on him with the "chicken walker" again. Keep your eyes peeled for a tank (IFX?) to appear either right before you whack the two AAA guns with your chicken walker or right after. The tank is a better pounder for the generator--get it. The generator has hit areas that are not straight in front of it (if I recall correctly). So change (elevate?) your aim point until you not only get the words to show up correctly, but so that you get the "hit point" bar (that shows its health) as well. Then fire with both L1 and R1 until your guns overheat. Rinse and repeat. Hope that helps. * SithSpeeder *
  4. I have been playing my "One" life campaign (no award weapons or legendary status and no using heroes) and finally found a fairly reliable way to beat this level without dying. Using the AT-AT and as an Engineer, taking the first two command posts are pretty straight forward (as well as destroying the shield generator). I then get close to the third command post in the AT-AT while shooting into it and killing rebel scum as much as possible. When I see a "chicken walker" come up, I jump out and repair it to full strength. You can then hop in it and force it into the hanger. I then wreak havoc with it, shooting liberally around and to the east of the command post. Once the chicken walker is almost dead, I hop out and run around and take the command post (the reason for doing this is it is CRAWLING with grenade tossing rebels when I first go in). Then, go destroy the command console. (PET PEEVE: I wish I could tell my fellow soldiers to get the heck out of the way after I lay my DET Pack or stick a grenade to it...I always get at least one or two friendly kills when destroying that thing). But this is when I completely change the strategy and this works GREAT (at least for me). Instead of going through the tunnel to the last CP, go back out the way of the 3rd CP and go OVER the base (outside) to the back where the rebel transport is. Slide down the side of the back hanger opening, jump in a closed turret in the middle of the open, and take out all the auto-turrets (there's like 6 or 7 of them)--this makes the completing the ending step of this level MUCH easier. Do NOT shoot at the rebels during this time as that attracts their attention and their grenades. [NOTE: one time while going over the top, my AI of the 501st captured the last CP by themselves! I was floored. I just tried running in to get the beacon but all those auto turrets got me on the way to the transport...hence the change in strategy.] Then, move in along the LEFT side into the hanger, taking note to whack that last annoying turret on the Falcon. The left side helps ensure you are not fighting too many baddies from different directions (keep them all on one side of you). Get to the last CP, run around changing directions a lot while shooting, and capture it. Then, grab the beacon and zig zag towards the pit under the transport, throwing out healing as needed and shooting anyone in your path. Protect the beacon, but don't stand too near it because they will throw lots of grenades at it (although they don't seem to have much affect)--keep moving at all times so no one gets a bead on you. I ended up with like 90 kills and 0 deaths. And that's it! And just with a regular ol' Engineer. Hope that helps someone. * SithSpeeder *
  5. It is done! New character (no veteran or legendary anything), one life. Hoth has fallen--it took a while to figure out how to beat the last command post, but it was fun once I figured it out. Ended with a bunch of veteran levels (especially Endurance and War Hero), something like 600+ kills. Now I'm trying to do One+One with my son (same rules, just two of us in splitscreen). We're currently stuck on Kashyyyk space, as taking out the interior objectives inevitably leads to one of us getting whacked. * SithSpeeder *
  6. Thanks, Davinq. I tried blowing the green blinky controls at the far end on the right side with det-packs, but it never did anything. Luckily, you can see the compactor walls just barely from the top so timing it isn't bad at all. I have since conquered that level (engineer dropped a det pack, retreating, and got that jedi). Now, on to Polis Masa (or however it is spelled). When doing this before, just trying to play through it normally, this one was CARNAGE (tight corridors, lots of grenade throwing). So trying to do the entire level with one (non-hero/villain) life is gonna be a lot of luck and tactics. * SithSpeeder *
  7. Right after capturing the Detention Cell area, if you switch really quickly to a sniper and run to the beginning of the straight/main corridor, you will see the guy with the Death Star plans. Immediately switch to zoom in, pop him in the head, and voila, he drops it...no chasing deeper into the map. Does anyone know if you can shoot/det pack/destroy the trash compactor controls so the walls quit moving? If so, where are they? I'm still trying my "One life" campaign and have been close several times to getting that final Jedi. But not quite yet * SithSpeeder *
  8. UPDATE... A rebel scum set himself up in the turret by the spawn point where you try to bring back the two holocrons. I should have shot him BEFORE getting the second holocron back to the command post, but he killed me (bastige...where did he come from?). Upon re-spawning as a clone commander, I took him down in fairly short order. And this is where it gets interesting.... Jumped into the main hall, immediately spotted the first Master on the library stairs and took him down. The other two were "hiding" towards the far stairs, but suddenly one was rushing forwards. I ran backwards, lined up on his head and rat-a-tat-tat-tat--TWO down. The last Master jumped up and hacked down jet trooper as I ran towards them. Rat-a-tat-a-tat-tat....THREE DOWN!!! Then, run for your life for the next 10-15 seconds (seemed liked HOURS) so that I didn't get killed before the blue VICTORY. So, I know it's do-able now with the Clone Commander doing headshots (I was really beginning to think it was impossible). 2nd lesson learned...never let the turrets into enemy hands. Also, I think it is key to attack and kill quickly, not letting additional jedi help spawn in. * SithSpeeder *
  9. Dang... Well, I tried the clone commander and had varying degrees of unsuccess (ok, failure). Clearly, he can take down a Jedi Master if he is in medium range and you can get his gun to start to fire quick enough. BUT, it takes a while to knock him down and during that time he has to be fairly still (he moves slowly to start with carrying that massive gun)--this inevitably leads to getting hit by other jedi. I tried to snipe from a longer range out (deathclone's "safe distance), but it was hard to keep the gun on target because even small movements by the master cause a large part of the bullet stream to miss (i.e., you gotta put most of the bullet stream on the Master to take him down). The best I could do was 2 or 3 clone commanders...which defeated my concept of "One". I tried DarthDavis92's suggestion and he does NOT seem to block rockets. But it still takes two rockets to take each Master down and the reload time is so S--L--O--W that many of the jedi minions easily key in on me and I'm pretty helpless. I tried it a few times and at best was able to to take down 1 and a half of the Masters before getting routed as a Heavy Trooper. Again, this is trying to make it through the campaign with one life. No "Legendary" status, no heroes; just a grunt earning whatever he gets on the way. Anyone else have any luck or suggestions? * SithSpeeder *
  10. I have so rarely played the clone commander. I will give that a try. However, my kids went on a trip with the grandparents and took it for two weeks, so it'll be a while before I can report back. Thanks. Anyone else? * SithSpeeder *
  11. How do you "send allies"? I'm on a PS2 in singleplayer mode. Where would you go on the map to "take out masters from a safe distance"? They tend to move around a LOT and once I miss even once with my sniper rifle, they come charging at me with their saber block on (i.e., no more shots are getting through). Thanks for the reply--looking forward to hearing more. Anyone else? * SithSpeeder *
  12. Hey all-- I've been trying to run a single player offline campaign as a single trooper (self imposed rule: no heroes). If I die even once, I have to restart the whole level (second self imposed rule). I've gotten as far as Coruscant--Jedi Temple, but am having great difficulty with the last objective (killing the 3 Jedi Masters). At best, I've taken down two Masters before being surrounded by 6 or more of the 'renegades'. The Jedi seem to wipe out the troopers fairly quickly. And it only takes one saber throw from a Master to take me down. I typically use the engineer the whole way. Although recently, I tried the standard trooper at the end. It seems to take ma long time to range in with the sniper and I usually get killed by someone else around me. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to take out the three Jedi Masters as a trooper without dying once? At this point, assume a basic trooper level (no award weapons). Thanks. * SithSpeeder *
  13. Ok, right on, jawathehutt. Thanks. During one of the tries today, I got lucky and spawned in on the high ridge to the east. From there, I had like 20 kills and managed to win! Without using the square button (lock on), it would have been much more difficult. I died once, though, and respawned back on the "low ground" and got some fantastical kills shooting from the hip with my sniper rifle (ok, luckier than snot). * SithSpeeder *
  14. Need advice on how to win this 5:00 minute game. It seems that I only have the Clone Sharpshooter choice and the Geonosins with their flying ability pwn me. Do you charge in? With rifle or blaster? Hang back and snipe? Find high ground? * SithSpeeder *
  15. VICTORY! (Finally, sheesh!) As Maul, 79 kills, 14 deaths. That is the FIRST time I have ever gotten the Villains to win. We were down at 171 while the good guys were at 177 and somehow we managed to pull it out (I got 6 kills with my last guy when the blue VICTORY came up). Note the previous game I had 85 kills and 17 deaths (5 to 1 ratio) and we still lost. I am now a believer. * SithSpeeder *
  16. As Maul, 55 kills, 14 deaths, still the big red DEFEAT. I guess I'll try blocking better and see if I can bring my deaths down a bit. This is playing PS2, singleplayer, Villains...just can't win. If you can do it, please explain how. * SithSpeeder *
  17. Canderous_ordo1-- Welcome to the boards! I'll try for a helpful response . If you choose to fight your way on foot, never put yourself in the middle of battlefield because then you will get shot at from all sides. Play one side or the other and get used to where you can go, where you can get cover, when to run, when to save your force run, etc. You will more than likely die a few times getting to the first objective (the first CP). However, the easier path is to fight by jumping in the AT-RT (the ostrich looking vehicle...hit the triangle button when you get near it) as soon as you spawn. Then fire away at the advancing droids while moving to the CP you have to capture. You have to get out to capture the CP, though (triangle again), but first clear as much of a buffer zone as you can and KEEP MOVING (otherwise the grenades and other explosives will tear you down). Then, you can use Mundi to run behind the shield (or even jump it if you want to do it the longer way) and do a saber throw to blow it up. I actually prefer to blow up the SECOND shield generator first, then come back to the first one (all from the platform/building of the first CP you captured). Or you can play a trooper--just throw a grenade such that it sticks to it or fire a rocket launcher. Then, run and grab the OTHER AT-RT before someone else does and clear a swath to the next CP. Jump out, run around and take it. Keeping Mundi alive is great for that, but it certainly can be accomplished with a trooper and ducking (circle) and rolling (circle and left joystick) a lot (oh, and firing ). Then, if you still have an AT-RT around, you can use a trooper to go take out the two generators of the next objective. Or you can use Mundi if he's still healthy. You can practice with Mundi, BTW, by doing an Instant Action-->Mos Eisley-->Assault mission and play the heroes. Get used to his different powers and abilities (specifically force run while attacking). Anyways, take out the energy collector (or whatever it is), grab the objective piece, and run like hell back to the ship. Don't try to fight. You should get the blue VICTORY. I found several links that also helped which may help you (walkthroughs): http://www.gamerhelp.com/xbox/StarWarsBattlefront2/106480.shtml http://www.gamesradar.com/us/xbox/game/faqs/index.jsp?releaseId=2005120717412947293090&faqId=25037 google is your friend, too. Hope that helps. * SithSpeeder * (who's 8 year old son got BF2 for Christmas).
  18. Hmm, I have found the Jedi whack the computer grunts/clones with amazing efficiency. Which turret do you recommend...the one by the "1" spawnpoint or one inside the main hall? I have tried an outside turret and just became light-saber fodder (granted this was only once, though). * SithSpeeder*
  19. Uh, that's what I said was my original goal, but I wasn't that good (or lucky) yet. Anyways, I've gotten through to "Knightfall", but surviving the last couple of objectives (especially the _last_ one of kill the 3 masters) through all those Jedi is darnwell impossible with one clone. Has anyone done it and if so, how? * SithSpeeder *
  20. Tried something new last week--to win the campaign maps with one trooper. So my self imposed rules are: a. if you die, you must restart the level (even if it is after VICTORY is declared) b. can't use any special characters (heroes) c. can't use any cheats (but I am playing in the "normal" mode) Obviously, there is still a certain amount of luck involved, but it's a fun challenge to play like you only have one life to live. It's really forced me to not only put some good thought into the strategy of winning the map, but also the tactics of using each clone trooper type. I'm on Kashyyyk planetside right now. I haven't kept track of how many tries it took me per level, but am doing it more for the challenge. It's kinda neat to see the medals my character is getting (and the 0 in the death column ). My original goal was a bit more ambitious...to have one guy make it through every map and have to restart from the very beginning of the campaign if I died. Perhaps once I get *really* good at this game (ok, and really lucky). I really enjoy the Strategy forum for picking up tips and such--it has been invaluable so far during my quest. * SithSpeeder *
  21. Tried Villain side a few more times, always the big red DEFEAT. My K/D ratio was typically 30-40/15 while the rest of my team was like 10/10. The Heroes always had 18/10 Switching to the Heroes side (Aayla Secura), I had a 55/10 ratio and we won with EASE (first victory ever for me on that map). * SithSpeeder *
  22. See http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=163752 for a discussion (ad nauseum). But you already knew that. The short answer is: Zoom in and aim about the middle of their body (down halfway, in other words) and it works like a champ. I spent about 2 hours on the training map. After being the sniper, I sat up on the perch and waxed droids until I got the award rifle. I then spent the rest of the time getting familiar with it and where to aim. I could hit extreme range targets no problem by the end of the session. I had like 200 kills--great fun! Even funnier, on the Training Map, I figured out the effective range of my grenade throws and was able to hit the spider walkers and TOOK ONE OUT with about 6 grenades! All from on top of the high command post. The bad thing is if you miss the sphere part of the body, it lands in the midst of a running gunbattle and you will probably get friendly kills. Hope that helps. * SithSpeeder *
  23. OK, tried your suggestion. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the Assault Mode where the idea is strictly to rack up kill counts faster than the other team--you can't "capture" command posts like normally (i.e., hanging out near them for as long as it takes to change the color). After the big red DEFEAT, the postmatch summary still shows most of the Jedi with double digit kills while the Sith have single digit kills. Are the Jedi characters simply stronger in general (at least as played by the AI)? Does anyone have any strategies to either improve the kills of the Sith and/or reduce their deaths/defeats? * SithSpeeder *
  24. (pulls out his resurrection force power and applies it to this thread) So...I can't seem to beat the AI in singleplayer and am looking for advice. I started off trying several different Villains and did mediocre. I slightly improved my performance (30 kills, 18 deaths), but still found the rest of my AI team getting slaughtered and always getting the DEFEAT message. I switched to Darth Maul (my fave guy anyway) and had a killing spree like no other. I got like 45 kills and 15 deaths (3 to 1 ratio) and we STILL got the big red DEFEAT. Looking at the post match summary, the Hero side was quite balanced in kills to deaths while the Villain side was very skewed towards few kills and lots of deaths. Is there a strategy here that I am missing? Thanks. * SithSpeeder * (who's son got this game for our PS2 for Christmas )
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