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    I LOVE Luke Skywalker and I draw alot when I'm bored. I love daydreaming things too!
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    Reaching Out To Hurting Souls.
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    Drawing and Star wars...duh!
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    Young Jedi Girl

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  1. Eh, its fine. I'm used to it. Our dads would make great buddies I reckon, if they ever met :lol:


    Anyway, yeah you can reopen ur old RP. The same happened with that Obake Blade rp. But still (don't take this the wrong way) but you never know if the other players will return. Sure I might, but some people are just... different. You could always somehow add it to ur new RP. Most people are taking a break from the RPs cus of Xmas most likely...which btw, have a merry christmas for tommorow... (I forget how ur Nocturnal thing goes up where you live :p )

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