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    I LOVE Luke Skywalker and I draw alot when I'm bored. I love daydreaming things too!
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    Reaching Out To Hurting Souls.
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    Drawing and Star wars...duh!
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    Young Jedi Girl

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  1. lol yes I am sure. I've been through that process when I joined - its just a way of finding your way out of all that "payment" crap.


    I assume you filled out your registration form (Username, Password, Email, etc...)


    If I remember correctly, after you complete the form, you will come across two choices; Either a Free Membership or a Choice Membership. The difference between the two is that if you click on Free Membership, you will be given the basic benefits of allowing you to upload and view artworks at no cost what-so-ever. A choice membership however gives you more exclusive benefits; like larger thumbnails images, more artworks to look at and advanced journal options with an annual fee.


    Be sure to select Free Membership.

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