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  1. The fact that there will be no true KOTOR 3 disappoints me quite a bit. Revan's fate disappoints as well. Not seeing the characters we know again kills the joy of any sequel for me. I want to know what happened to Carth, Bastila, Atton, Canderous, et all. While they're still alive. That the end of the story happens long after all these people have died? It's not K3. We get no real ending, imo. It would be like ending the original trilogy at ESB and having ROTJ happen 300 years later, only to tell you Luke died. What? You made me care about what happened to these people only to say "screw them" and start over? I reject this canon and substitute my own! Revan Lives! ^^ deathdisco, I like your idea. Can you be in charge?
  2. Today is the day. I want to know why I'm dreading this announcement! I should be excited, not worried.
  3. I grew up watching my father discuss politics. Why did you all got the cool dads? My introduction to gaming was playing Sonic on an ancient Sega Genesis. My brother and I used to fight over the controllers. Ah, Memories.
  4. I am ignoring this announcement until Monday! I'd like to keep my hopes at their usual depressing level until I've got a real reason to be excited. Or disappointed. Either is possible!
  5. I doubt such a generalization would cover everyone, but as a female I find a lot of my kind prefer rpgs over fps. I personally prefer single-player games like Oblivion or (surprise!) KotOR. I hardly speak for everyone here, however! I suspect you'd be surprised how many girls there are on mmos of all types. The thing I find with most mmos, and this is hardly a gender thing, is that it's difficult to immerse oneself in the storyline. Guild wars is the exception (in my limited experience), but I found the heavy emphasis on cooperative play annoying. I work alone, like an assassin. Or a crazy hermit. I'm a bit of a control freak.
  6. I did, actually. I worked on it, but I've busy with other things and it fell to the wayside. I'll put it on my to do list and let you know, ok? :)

  7. hey man its beeen a long time since last post on my kill griff idea mod and was wondering have you worked on this at all??


    a simple kill him dead would do just want to kill that sob and have mission there as well to get in a few words herself lol!!

  8. I liked it. It was fun. I really wanted to love it, but it was not as great as the others. It just really didn't feel like Indy to me. Spoilered for safety.
  9. I've got 6 1/2 hours left until I see it. All I'm hoping for is to be amused, seeing as if I keep my expectations low I probably won't be disappointed. I think Harrison Ford will still be kicking ass when he's 102, breaking bad guys legs with his walker and such. Can you say electric scooter chase?
  10. Whoops, I guess I was too distracted watching trailers to remember my roman numerals.
  11. Well, today's the day Indiana Jones IV is out. Anyone else going to see it? I've got my tickets and I can't wait.
  12. Frankly that seems like a selfish attitude. There are many reasons Africa is in the situation it is in, but some solutions do exist. The world screwed Africa over with large loans that came with strings attached, and when the projects these loans were to finance fell through they had no way to repay them. Since their governments are under such pressure to repay their economies are under strain. They have to sell off crops to repay loans making it difficult to even feed their own people, let alone fund improvements to infrastructure and social programs. In such conditions is it really so unexpected that there would be political and social chaos? Rwanda was a tragedy, and a failure on the part of the UN and the US. To say you don't care about Rwandan children dying, for whatever reason, is just heartless. Can't we care about our own children and the children of Africa at the same time? We should prioritize, yes, but to give up on Africa completely is just irresponsible. ETA: Oh, and yeah, the story about the sex captor is just sick. I can't imagine how someone could do that to another person, let alone their own daughter.
  13. Oh, I've had one of those. Amusing, aren't they?
  14. I am exactly the same. I've tried several times to play the game as an evil female but my guilty conscience combined with Carth giving me the hairy eyeball always sets me straight. I just can't be evil! Well, not in a game.
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