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  1. Hey hey, what's up? I saw the thread that you responded to about kotor on mac so I decided to give wine bottler a go. Now I have it installed on my mac but I can't for the life of me figure out how to install my game!


    I open the .exe file and try to install it using both options wine gives me (something like "open with wine" and "convert to mac app") but each time the farthest I get is to the launcher opening up (I only know it's the launcher because of the sound it makes) but I just get a white screen that I can't do anything with. I have X11 installed so that I can use GIMP on my mac and it seems to be trying to be opening the launcher with that. Is that normal or do I need to ditch X11? I guess my question is how the heck to I install kotor!


    Any words of wisdom from a wine connoisseur? :p

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