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  1. Of course. I still have all the files from your Recruit Dak Drexl mod, haha.

  2. Hey buddy, will do! See you over on deadlystream, I actually might start a (very) little WIP thread over there soon. Hope you've been well my man.


    Oh and thanks so much for uploading some of my mods to DS! Glad to see that not all of them disappeared.

  3. Hey Dak, I miss talking to you man! I sent SH a few of your mods that were still on my computer, they're up on deadlystream now. You should come and join, it really is a great place. You should also add me on steam when you get the chance! :p

  4. I'll try to gather up the mods and PM you a link to you over at Dropbox. In the meantime, you ought to create an account over at Deadly Stream.

  5. Yeah that would be absolutely great.

  6. If we can get any of them to you, could you upload them to DS?

  7. Dak! Great to hear from you! It wasn't quite a year by my mark...


    Anyways, you should come join the fun on DeadlyStream! I wasn't a big fan at first, but it's really a great place.

  8. Hey, just saw your message about a year later - sorry! I just learned about how filefront went down. I don't have my old modding computer anymore, so sadly it looks like most of my mods went down with filefront :( if anyone still has any of them, definitely let them know to upload them to deadlystream or wherever!

  9. Hey, just saw your message, even though I'm over a year late! Obviously haven't been around much but I just got kotor on steam so I thought I'd stop by and see what's new in the community. That totally sucks about filefront going down - I never really jumped on the deadlystream train so looks like most of my mods are gone now :(

  10. As knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com is now no longer a thing, I was wondering if you might upload your mods to DeadlyStream.com, Nexus Mods, or both?

  11. Hey man, just remembering all the awesome stuff you made. I wish you were around more!!

  12. Well I've been doing pretty good. I've gotten pretty far with Recruit Dak Drexl even though I didn't have much to work with.

  13. Hey dude! Thanks it's fun to be back and see what's been going on. Hope you're well!

  14. Hey Dak! It's good to see you again!

  15. Hey Dak, hope life has been good to you xD Long time no speak xD

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