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    I live in a suburb of Phoenix called Ahwatukee went to Mountain Pointe 98-02. I played in the marching band there, and a year with the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps. I went to Mesa CC for two years and CAC for 2 years, and received an AA 5/8/08
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Star Wars, baseball, basketball, card games, football, hockey, and music
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  1. I could *try* with this thing I'm using right now (eMachines T5274), but it would require a stronger power supply and a compatible Radeon GPU card, but the way this was designed I hear it would "bottleneck" or something. (great, more lingo to learn)


    Oh believe me, I thought about cheaper, but being that I am an esoteric collector of sorts, that Malgus statue tweaked my consideration. Then when I hear about a special shop nobody else gets to go to, that settled it. Plus it isn't everyday I am the envy of my friends, but this is only a side perk since I'm really not much for ego.

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