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    I live in a suburb of Phoenix called Ahwatukee went to Mountain Pointe 98-02. I played in the marching band there, and a year with the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps. I went to Mesa CC for two years and CAC for 2 years, and received an AA 5/8/08
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    Phoenix, AZ
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    Star Wars, baseball, basketball, card games, football, hockey, and music
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  1. .....huh? Could you kindly remind me what we were talking about, my friend? Haven't logged in for at least a month...(sorry!)

  2. Regarding my TFU Black blade. With respect sir, I am not either, but I did this by request.

  3. Good News! My main is Nefets, Jedi Knight of the Republic. I'm on Veela, and my guild is Champions of the Force. They have an official forum page, as well as their own site, here http://championsoftheforce.com/forum/index.php.

  4. BTW what do you plan on doing guild wise? Server wise? While part of me wants to tag along with LF, I am desirous of my own sort of gig. Got a couple friends who will be later joiners as well. When I'm ready, I'll let people know.

  5. My malgus statue will be around long after the server no longer hosts this game, years from now. And done--I have the box of the game sitting right next to me.


  6. Your Malgus statue will collect dust, while the rest of us level our characters. You have to get the box, just, to get the Product Registration Code.

  7. I could *try* with this thing I'm using right now (eMachines T5274), but it would require a stronger power supply and a compatible Radeon GPU card, but the way this was designed I hear it would "bottleneck" or something. (great, more lingo to learn)


    Oh believe me, I thought about cheaper, but being that I am an esoteric collector of sorts, that Malgus statue tweaked my consideration. Then when I hear about a special shop nobody else gets to go to, that settled it. Plus it isn't everyday I am the envy of my friends, but this is only a side perk since I'm really not much for ego.

  8. I cancelled my CE and bought the much cheaper Digital Deluxe Edition. I get all of the in-game items, but I've already received the product code and waiting on the subscription code to come through, and I'll be set. No waiting in line for a product that's sold out, for me. The new machine is necessary, though, I couldn't play this game on full graphics and shadows, so I took off the shadows and everything works.

  9. I'm guessing you're a jedi knight/et.al. I did not know Angral had a son. I have no doubt you'll encounter Angral. He comes accross as overconfident and more political than physical. You can probably expect a trick or two up his sleeve, but shouldn't be too much trouble to handle. Ah yes and in 3 days and counting down, wading through traffic to Best Buy the CE shall be mine. Then I'll be building a new machine.

  10. While I continue to play this game, it only seems to get stranger as the plot goes on. Apparently, my action of killing Angral's son has caused the Sith Empire to effectively declare war on the Republic. Now, I'm wondering around the newbie world of Ord Mantell to get some information.

  11. Think of it this way, at least it doesn't screw the pooch on canon. I suspect the darkside alternate scenario will be similar in that it fills the precondition of Darth Bane: Path of destruction. Revan was ultimately redeemed to the light side. This has been so since 2006.


    In a way this does link to the kotor games in a significant way and concludes it here. This is probably a/the pivotal point.

  12. Thank you for that, but that makes me angry that they brought him back.

  13. Well it looks like you don't take private messages. So I'll just leave this here:

    SPOILER ALERT! (You have been warned TWICE now)



  14. posted a comment in your thread :D

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