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  1. Weird... I'll try to resend it.

  2. I'm not sure I understand the question. The total number of faces you have depends on the models you're working on, if you can export the model in ascii format it shouldn't be too hard to count them.

  3. You cannot edit lightmaps without a 3d modeling program because the lightmaps are nothing else than a second set of textures which get applied to the objects. The mapping of the lightmap to the actual 3d geometry is made using texture vertices, no less and no more how you do it with textures; as such the final .TGA file will be all "mixed up" as the faces are "spread" all over the file.
  4. Yeah, I finally managed to compile a version which works under Windows 7. Will try to see if I can get the program to not mangle Quanon's latest work, then release it.

  5. Should be the rc11 IIRC. Still using lightmaps having to alternate the 2 3dsMAX import scripts between one without and one with them due to the ancient bug :p

  6. Feel free, Kaurora is free distribution

  7. The most up-to-date version of Kaurora can import lightmaps, but that is the latest update available. I've never figured how to make the walls impassable to the camera, sorry.

  8. I could easily get one... "unofficially", if I wanted to. I'll investigate the options to compile the 64-bit versions.
  9. Not even the latest version? Hmm... probably I'd need the standard (non-free) version of Visual Studio to compile a 64-bit version then. No way I'm spending the money...
  10. <sigh> I really need to work on that freaking script. But work has been devastating these last weeks, and now update 1.06 has hit age of Conan with the new T3 raid encounters...
  11. Trick question But yes, I will fix that script; it's the only thing left before public release. No promises on times, as always, though
  12. New release: KAurora 0.4 release candidate 10 Nothing special in it, but I corrected a new bug which could have crashed KAurora on models without lightmaps.
  13. Q's procedure is much the same, you render the lightmap on channel #2 and use my modified script (which still needs debugging work) to export the lightmap data in the ascii file. As for the .ARE values: did you try setting just the sundiffuse and leaving sunambient to 0? It might help since the lightmap gets assigned the ambient slot.
  14. No reason that I can think of about the missing lightmap on the floor, unless it has to do with the fact that the floor gets assigned the multi-material like the walkmeshes do and that messes up with the export script. Can you check if the floor nodes in the ascii export have the "lightmap" and "lightmaptverts" entries?
  15. Your theory is completely correct. It was the final thing that stopped me before I gave you the first release candidate, as my own test lightmap was almost invisible. I should have warned you. So far we kept using the AuroraLights because of missing lightmaps. Even a faint AuroraLight will quickly "overwrite" whatever lightmap you used in the spots where the light hits the mapped material. You need a balancing act between lightmaps and AuroraLights for best results. I suggest messing around with intensity and radius values to find the correct settings for the lights. Or, you can try to completely avoid AuroraLights and just use lightmaps plus the .are settings for the general ambient light.
  16. Sooo... let me know if you find any more problems, otherwise I'll consider the last version good to go, and will start debugging the Max script for the final release
  17. I win. HA! KAurora 0.4 release candidate 9 P.S. Don't even *try* to tell me this still doesn't work. I will track you down and burn your house.
  18. Missing the walkmesh. But in any case... it's useless, as I compiled the model with my latest version and now those defects have been corrected. Not sure whether I should laugh or cry... Tried with your Sleheyron model. It's damn close now... but no cookie yet <sigh> Try this: KAurora 0.4 release candidate 8 and tell me the name of one of the objects which is still getting its lightmap mangled. I need to pinpoint which case I'm still botching.
  19. All right, I simply can't think of any more ways to refine the algorithm, but it's still not working. Q, can you send me all the files needed to import in game the first test area you made (the one with red and green lights) and tell me the name 3dsmax is using for one of those small pillar objects whose lightmap is still coming up screwed. At least this way I can pinpoint my analysis to that object and check what's happening.
  20. I've found another one of the problems afflicting the conversion. Unfortunately it's not a simple one to solve. I tried something and it did improve things somewhat but it's not yet good. If you want to try something, do this: export the scene into the old 3ds (not max) format, telling it to preserve textures, then reimport it into max and export using nwn from there.
  21. Check out the ultrawhite stripes on my screenshots. Compare them with Dis ones. Something is certainly being applied there, and it looks like it gets applied correctly (i.e. only on the right spots). Also on the very first screenshot of my last series you can see some shadow on the back wall, and in the last one there's correct shadowing on the blocks in the recessed spot in front of my char.
  22. No clue. Only thing I did different was, for the 03c model, to build an .erf file with all the lightmaps in it (using KotorTool) which also required to rename some of them (and thus also rename the lightmap in the ascii model) because files in an erf archive can have names of maximum 16 chars (excluding the .tga qualifier). But I only did that for the 03c, and didn't bother redoing it for all the models. You can try it too, but it will be a chore 'cause there's a ****load of them, and you also need to rename all the references in the ascii files. Then again, if you check all the existing files from the original installation, they all tend to have shortish names. Hmmm....
  23. I'm starting to wonder if I didn't post some older version by mistake... I made a very minor modification to 0.6 as well, so I will post the new one just to make sure: KAurora 0.4 release candidate 7
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