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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking for a way to extract images from various games, and most of extractors I have seen here doesnt support what I need: - the simon the sorcerer 1 VGA files extractor works 50%, and some of the images are broken / damaged and doesnt look like images. - the simon the sorcerer 2 has .fla and .gme files, how this can be extracted? - classic version of Monkey Island 1 and 2 works great with LucasRipper! thanks for that! - waxworks game has VGA files which are different then Simon's files, is there any solution for that? thanks a lot!
  2. Hi guys! I got a questions about MI2 SE engine. What exactly 2D/3D engine is it? Is it just updated scummvm system to HD format and platforms? or Is it something what had to be done from scratch? I seen some 3d modeling work for the game, so is it 2.5D engine? Is it possible to get to the source code and use the engine (try out)? thanks
  3. So, .. when I repaint the background to 1280x800 with 8bit rgb, will that work? what happened to other art like characters etc. will they be tiny?
  4. Hi Guys, I got a big problem here, I am looking for a way to export complete text from Fate of Atlantis with branches. That means, complete text would be set as a text tree, so I know what are the answers to questions, can somebody make such a exporter? I would like to see how the text is link to other texts etc. It can be either way looking text... Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I got a big problem here, I am looking for a way to export complete text from Fate of Atlantis with branches. That means, complete text would be set as a text tree, so I know what are the answers to questions, can somebody make such a exporter? I would like to see how the text is link to other texts etc. It can be either way looking text... Thanks
  6. Here is info about the new FOA Special Edition! https://www.facebook.com/fateofatlantisSE
  7. yup, its gonna be hard...will see. crossed fingers.
  8. This section of those forums seems to me dead, but I would like to inform you about our Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition. http://remakeofatlantis.blogspot.com/
  9. Hi, yes its simple. I found out that the biggest problem was in Photoshop CS6 and dds plugin. So you have to do is: 1. Use Monkey explorer and save image (you would like to modify) as dds. 2. Open it in Photoshop and repaint it, then save it as TGA 32 bit. (alpha) 3. Download Gimp 2.8 + dds plugin for Gimp 2.8 and open your TGA in it. 4. Export it as dds with compression BC3/DXT5 5. Convert your dds back to dxt with Image converter 1.1 http://quick.mixnmojo.com/software/monkey-island-image-converter http://quick.mixnmojo.com/software/monkey-island-explorer You have to save your new "image.dxt" to the same folder as original root file "monkey2.pak" has. For example: If your image was in the folder: "rooms/images/4_shore/" you have to create exactly same folder in root folder of the game. Game will load your new file instead of original file from monkey2.pak (same thing for MI1:SE and MI2:SE, all files has to have exact name as original files) I hope this helped.
  10. Guys, have you got alpha problems with importing images back to the game? what dds format do you save images? If I use different setting than: DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha , the game freeze on loading (???) and DXT1 is such a low format and all looks ugly. Any solution?
  11. Hi Guys, I need little help. This is for those who knows this game very well. I am preparing czech voice overs for this game and I cant find some descriptions about all characters from the game. I would need detail description for each character in the game like: whats his goal, what his personality, how he behave to his friend, is he enemy etc. That way I could find the right person for voice overs. I looked at the credits and there are 12 characters, but I need only the most important one, could somebody describe all those game heroes? Commander Boston Low Maggie Robbins Ludger Brink Cora Miles Ken Borden The Creator Cocytan Leader Borneo Space Observer Reporters Mari Weiss David Lodge Newspersons Leilani Jones-Wilmore James Garrett Thank you!
  12. Melkalis: Why dont you try to make your own modifications?
  13. ..do it Koun... no question.. no response about your tool, but hundreds people use it
  14. Oh man, there are so many things which needs to be improved... All backgrounds needs to be repainted so it doesnt look like semi-product or concept art. If you look at Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, thats how the art supposed look like. Same thing with MI1-2:SE http://www.adventuregamers.com/gallery.php?id=1489 Characters are fine (for now). Anyway, I started work on the Bar scene.... hopefully its gonna be done soon.
  15. Guys, can somebody upload all music from MI1:SE and MI2:SE as mp3 somewhere, so we can download it?? appreciated
  16. Does anybody started re-paint MI2:SE art? Here is the first room repainted for MI1:SE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fpj9a6vj5gsw3n9/rooms.zip you have to put it into this folder: Steam\steamapps\the secret of monkey island special edition\art\ When I have more time I will repaint MI2 as well
  17. Hi Sphaa80, ...first sentence scarred me, I though LucasArts is chasing me :o))

    ok, I will give you some explanation about what I am doing. I have repainted only one image from MI1:SE, because I wanted to prove to others that its possible. I will do the same thing on MI2:SE and that's it. It doesn't take too much time, but spend more time on it doesn't make sense. Game is done.

  18. I haven't tested the Monkey Island explorer 0.3 yet, but is it possible to get the 3D models of Guybrush or LeChuck out as well? What format is it? Is it packed in different format or can be opened in any 3D programs? Is it possible to get their textures too?
  19. Yeah,... MI1:SE utility does this: open and export all files from .pak file (that way I got completely opened game with folders) I repainted it and overwrite old ones by new ones in game folder. Very simple isnt it? So, does somebody has the power to make this similar utility for MI2:SE? Thank you.
  20. Hi Guys, I love what you do and what some of you also did on MI1:SE... its really interesting and cool watch how you can get into the games.. ok, so I have got some request for ya again ) I am used to repaint art from old games and put them back into the game so it looks better, what about some hack for MI2:SE BGs? I got the one you made for Mi1:SE and works great, but I am missing one for MI2:SE. Could somebody make utility which will export all art out and also could be able to import them back into the game? Thanks.. any detailed "HOW" explanation could be cool.
  21. Yeah, we know, thats why we started this thread, but real meaning of this thread was to repaint them all, not just fix little pixels. Example is on my blog, but as I can see, everybody is just fixing pixels, than repainting whole image. Too much work you think? I dont think so.
  22. Probiha testovani dabingu, takze titulky by meli byt uz finalni.... stale mas zajem o ten prepis? nerad bych ti daval neco, co nikdy nedokoncis... pis na muj email. http://patrikspacek.blogspot.com/
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