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  1. i hope your okay its been ages since i've seen you

  2. I am currently reading The Snow by Adam Roberts, it unfortunately is the first book i've ever had trouble to keep focused on, and not that it's a hard read, the style and the main character annoy me, im trying to get through it so i can get to reading, To kill a mocking bird, one flew over a cuckoos nest, Star wars: Betrayl, A brave new world, clear and present danger.... okay i buy books quicker than i have time to read, i buy them more than movies and games. i loved fahrenheit 451 and Children of the dust.
  3. ah you've made some great progress here, even had time to try something new in the way of a swoop track. Well done, heh! i never did manage school and modding myself, usually retreat to writing these days. looking forward to seeing more:)
  4. Thanks for the HB, hope your having a good 09 so far

  5. this mod is looking more fantastic everytime i look, all involved are doing an awesome job, im definitely looking forward to this, since the MMO is a no go for me (not by choice).
  6. i had Kotor for a few years before i even had a graphics card, i was running on-board graphics
  7. if possible could someone please make a custom npc for me. (i'll make it a recruitable character later). As i brought to light in another thread, I had trouble putting a pc head on Visas' default clothing "floating head i ended with". to my understanding the shoulder and area where the neck would be is not skinned. so my request is, can i have a character made, who can wear Visas' robe. I dunno which is easier, to fix the unskinned area or add something to the head. if its option two that i'd like if head model PFHC05 is used. And that either way the clo0thing is a unique item so when i set about reskinning it, Visas' wont be changed. I know OldFlash has done a version of Visas like this, however its not the head i'd like to use... If this is gonna be too much then i understand, anyway thanks in advanced
  8. i'll get this when i get some cash, i only listen to what the game is and features, not opinions and ratings. its my experience that everyone has thier own opinion and basing your decision on them may stop you getting something that you may actually really enjoy
  9. lol, i didn't even think of that, completely forgot about the placeables
  10. a fine update SS,it looks great, is it possible to make the interior of the Bar in the first pic, have a skin, of what looks like bottles and such?
  11. nice updates, your doin an awesome job with this, sounding and looking better each time
  12. thankgoodness for that! though it was bound to happen, now if TFU can come on PC i can remain a pc gamer. Can't wait for this though:)
  13. short, but very dial-up friendly lol! yeah this looks great seamless, loving the pics, always look forward to what you bring next:)
  14. The only problem i have about the MMORPG is the cost, being on a disability pension, i neither have the money to get decent internet nor pay monthly for a game 'IF' infact that is what they will do. that being said i cannot really rubbish the idea of an MMO, for above reasons i've never touched one. Also im not one to believe that an MMO and an SPRPG of a title can't live together, sure it may mean a bigger wait for the next SP game but doesnt mean its not gonna happen
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