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  1. Hey man. How's it going?

  2. You are no fun. smiley_smug.gif

  3. I noticed it. It was just that a whoopin at his stage is less discipline and more like revenge.

  4. :indif: My face when you don't notice my "Back in my day!" rant.
  5. never noticed that. :)

  6. Yeah, I never question the faith of anyone that gives me a discount. Nor do I argue politics with them... Used to get my race parts real cheap before I told the guy behind the counter what I felt about Rush Limbaugh... guess he was a fan.

  7. I don't know either, but the guy next door sells me Skoal on the cheap, so I'm not going to question his faith. Nor do I care as long as I get a discount. He can worship at the feet of Michael Savage for all I care.

  8. LOL well both are right and neither are right. But one was told by his Imam that the "mosque" at the pentagon is not a mosque because it's only reserved for prayer once per day. But Meh, not my faith, so I can't say definitively one way or another. I'm just going off what my Muslim friends say.

  9. If the guy that sells me my Skoal say it is a Mosque, then it is a Mosque. :xp:

  10. D'oh clicked on the wrong one haha

  11. You posted in your own profile. lol

  12. Oh yes I realized it. Personally I'd rather have European versions of some of the luxury cars. Heck they have a German Version of the Mustang that I WOULD LOVE! It's produced ONLY for Germany. Has a 6 speed manual gearbox, supercharger, a metric f4ton of power... Yummy. and I hate Rustangs.

  13. "Ask Bimmerman if he'd rather have an American BMW or an European BMW."


    Oh man, not *that* again. No, I don't have a problem with him or cars...but you do realize what a can of worms you may be opening...right?

  14. Yeah that was my biggest problem I think, fear of being alone. But I did finally see the light near the end of it all, and figured that being alone was way better than putting up with that crap.


    One thing about her was her "I don't trust men attiude" towards me, which really annoyed the hell out of me at times. Not that I didn't blame her for thinking like that, especially since she suffered years of abuse from other men.


    So I took it with a grain of salt and figured that maybe sometime down the road in our relationship, that she would change her mind and eventually believe that not all men were evil abusers. But things of course didn't turn out that way, like I wanted.


    Also, I believe her domineering ways halfway through our relationship, was really the result of all that physical and sexual abuse she suffered in her past years by other men. In other words, I guess she decided to take her man-hate revenge out on me because she knew that she could get-a-way with it.

  15. Controlling evil manipulative witches with a capital B? Nope never haha... Of course I have. I just recognized it for what it was right away. It is no better than the man who abuses his woman. I wouldn't put up with it. Some do it out of a fear of being alone. An understandable fear, but the reality is that when you are with that type, you ARE alone. They just get their jollies out of your misery.

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