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  1. I hope it wakes some people up. Depression is not just some "Gee get over it already, you have a good life." kind of thing. People need to realize that depression isn't just someone who needs to cheer up. Many of our soldiers come back to the states with the same kind of depression and take their lives the same way. I will truly miss seeing Robin Williams in movies. He could pull off almost any kind of role. From the lovable oaf, to the slapstick humor, to the deep thinking, to the truly terrifying, Robin Williams could do them all, and give them everything he had.
  2. To kids? Yep To anyone over thirty? I'm not old.
  3. I think playing a HK-47 greatest hits might convince some of them. That sadistic droid really made the experience enjoyable for me. The game itself, while fun, was not as engaging as the story. Starting them out with the final battle, wasn't the best move, in my opinion. Starting them out with a conversation with HK-47 would likely show them the fun of playing the game. A teaser. Give them a nice conversation where you can choose a dark side option. Heck even a spot where you can use force persuade. You showed them the end result of the game you fell in love with. By the end you were already drawn into the game. They needed a taste of what made the game fun, the story, and you gave them the part that made the game "okay," the combat.
  4. I use a hanero honey and apple mix. I use the apple instead of peach, but it's pretty easy to make. 2 habaneros(deseeded) 2 apples(can substitute pure apple sauce for time) 2 tsp vinegar 1/2 onion(diced) 1 clove garlic(diced) 1 tsp honey put all the ingredients (minus vinegar and honey) in food processor, and have at it. Pour the paste into a frying pan on low to medium heat until simmer. Add the vinegar and honey and stir til it's evenly distributed. Strain into your serving dishes.
  5. As a Texan, I'm required by law to make my own brand of hot sauce.
  6. Yeah, just as a heads up, Cracked and any illegal software is strictly taboo here. Even mentioning using illegally pirated software is a very bad idea, and will probably get you banned, if you aren't already.
  7. *this I mean seriously. It was dead. Then someone came by and gave it the T-virus... As for ID being a way around a court ruling, No, it predates those court rulings. It's from people trying to bridge their faith with their brains.
  8. Since you HAD to make a big stink about it, I was just going to let it go... Leia did not mention visions. She said "very young" not that she never even remembered meeting her. Very young could be as late as 6, as I KNOW I was at 4 corners when I was a kid of 6, I just don't remember it. Obiwan said he was a great pilot. And claiming that pod racing is piloting... Whatever, We'll have to agree to disagree... As for the Obi and Yoda argument theory. He didn't say anything about not believing in her as another. And this seemed that Obi was blissfully unaware of the second child. We've had a great deal of time between ESB and ROTJ, so they may have discussed and Yoda may have told Ben, so that's how he's able to explain, but all that is speculation. I guess we'll have to wait for the ultimate superduper special edition to rewrite that one.
  9. Actually Shem, you debunked nothing. I simply don't care about the inconsistencies as much to argue them, because I love Star Wars more. And the explanation about Bespin, I came up with it as I was typing it out. And it made sense. I'm thinking they were sick of him before Hoth.
  10. Well there is a bit of inconsistency in the first 3 as well... For example: Vader could sense Luke in a shuttle WAAAAAAY away from him. He couldn't sense Luke's twin sister when he was pointing at her face saying "You are part of the Rebel Alliance, and a traitor" He was the best pilot in the galaxy, but gets tripped up by a bumbling wingman. How about the whole trip to Bespin. No light speed. Would have taken months to get there(at least). Of course I guess that would explain how Luke was able to get trained in the time it took them to get to Bespin.
  11. Not gonna argue too much on this, because lets face it, I still like the new trilogy, even if I feel it puts holes in the old trilogy. But Obiwan originally said, that he was the BEST pilot in the galaxy. There were other indications that he was older. And honestly, I wish they had instead used a mid to late teens and met him on a different planet. Still too old for the training. And Obi-wan said Anakin WANTED Luke to have his father's lightsaber. Now, it can be argued that Obiwan could have said that because he didn't want to reveal that Vader was his father, but he could have said, "After Vader murdered your father I took this and kept it for you" Leia Princess Leia: Luke, what's wrong? Luke: Leia, do you remember your mother? Your real mother? Princess Leia: Just a little bit. She died when I was very young. Luke: What do you remember? Princess Leia: Just... images really. Feelings. Luke: Tell me. Princess Leia: She was... very beautiful. Kind, but sad. Why are you asking me this? Luke: I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her. She may have been a child when her mother died, but it wasn't the force that let her know those feelings. This indicated that Leia actually knew her mother more than Luke did. She says her mother died when she was very young. Probably toddler age. Sure, it's not like she says her mom took her to the Naboo Zoo, or Gungan Disneyland, but she didn't say she never met her mom.
  12. My problems with the prequels are fairly limited. I think that if they were their own movies unattached to the Star Wars I grew up with I would have loved them. It's kinda like how some on here really don't like Bioware finishing the story of Revan off the way they did. I liked having that mystery of the Republic before the Empire to a degree. And no matter how they did it, it would never match up to the expectations I had in my mind. Then there's Jar-Jar... nuff said. Then there's midichlorians. Now, there's some good explanations as to why they aren't actually the Force, but it seemed as though they were trying to take the mysticism out of the Force. Then there's the little things that if you watched straight through in episode order would ruin the surprises. And at least a couple things that broke continuity. Leah knew their mother, who died when she was young, but apparently old enough to know who she was... even though (spoiler alert) Padme dies when she's born. Then there's the whole Ben Kenobi that apparently forgot about the sister he gave to the Organas. And how Anakin was supposedly an accomplished pilot when he met Obi-wan. Oh, and Vader built C3-PO and somehow Obi-Wan didn't recognize him or R2D2? I saw my old car on the road the other day and recognized that, and it never came to my rescue.
  13. I'm going to agree with Lynk on this one. To many people fans and non-fans the midichlorian thing was at best, oddly thrown in. To some, it was a positive, but to many more it was a serious negative.
  14. Check out Google today. 50 years of the Doctor
  15. Kinda reminds me of the old layout of IGN... It's okay, because I LIKED that old layout.
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