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  1. Well that's convenient. I had just moved my main to the Harbinger. Unfortunately, all of my best toons are Imp. I do want to get my trooper up to max soon, though.

  2. Yes we are. Not many from forums any longer, but guild is still around. http://thewalkingcarpets.com/


    Off the top of my head Mav, Jasra, Totenkopf and me are the people I see on line from forums. Sure there are a few others I'm forgetting.


    Republic guild is more active than imp. Imp side is basically just a leveling guild for alts. Republic side we do raid 2 or 3 times a week.


    If you would like to join, fill out applications on above forum. From Lucas Forums you are in, so don't worry much about going into to much detail. However, other officers want some type of record in guild forum.

  3. Are you still playing TOR with other people from LF? My guild just died and I'm tryin to find a new home on a new server.

  4. Happy Birthday! Again!

  5. Mom is still hanging in there. Still on Hospice, never seen anyone on Hospice for 2 years.


    Still on TOR, but have been playing DA:I last two weeks.

  6. Hello to you as well, mimi. Sorry I missed your b-day. I only remembered it about a week a late this year :) Hope you and your family (even the rat-dog) are all doing well.


    Still at TOR I see?

  7. Just wanted to say hello in case you stop by. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday season.

  8. Ready as I'm going to be, playing DA:I right now.

  9. Getting ready for Shadow of Revan?

  10. Oh, again, belated Happy Bday. I'm here so rarely anymore since I started playing TOR. Seeing as how it was the big 50, hope you had a good time. I'm kinda doing something similiar w/12x......lots of baby toons for the CC bounce to Fleet. Ord and Hutta are really fast. Did try to advance a toon on a non legacy euro-server (wanted to see how hard it would be w/12x) and got stopped out at the Lightspring on Tat, Diago and Vavarone were too much for my sparse gearing. May try to get her to killing Skavak and then throw in the towel and leave her orphaned. As for Harbinger, I'll prob spend last 1/2 of Nov bouncing my 8 other AC to 52-55 (23-41 currently), giving me one of each as well. The XP for Makeb (~1.3 million for 3 missions) has actually made me decide to take a few toons there as class xp isn't quite enough to reach 55. This game has been a real time sink, but then....so were KOTOR/TSL/ME1-3/etc....

  11. No still only playing TOR. Have like 5 games that I haven't played or finished yet, but TOR keeps my attention. Just leveled another agent. I may level another Trooper, but beyond that I thinking I'm done with new characters. That will give me two of each Republic class and all the Imps plus a extra agent.


    Haven't been playing as much. Dealing with ill mother and other real life issues. May play more this month or other games since I will be stuck with work and home due to mother illness.

  12. Man, cant believe it's going on 2 years since I started TOR. I figure I'll milk this 12xp thing and play the new content in Dec and then shelve TOR till summer or indefinitely, except maybe logging in to keep from getting ejected from guilds in case/when I come back. I don't see a lot of you guys on that much when I log in, but you started a year or so before me as well. You playing anything new? I'm thinking I'll finally take a stab at Citadel and then hell, who knows...maybe start reading books again for awhile. :D

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