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  1. PM, then one of us will contact you in game for invite. Bremiaha - Main too many alts and I can't think of 1/2 their names. Near'a Nehe'a...
  2. What server? The walking carpet and imperial meatbags are still active. We merged with another guild, but we still have a few active LF members in the guild. We are on the harbinger, this is the walking carpets page http://thewalkingcarpets.com/ If you would like to join just fill out a application on that page. Be sure and put your are a forum member and your LF name in application. One of the officers will contact you (likely Mav), but you never know it could be me.
  3. Well that's convenient. I had just moved my main to the Harbinger. Unfortunately, all of my best toons are Imp. I do want to get my trooper up to max soon, though.

  4. Yes we are. Not many from forums any longer, but guild is still around. http://thewalkingcarpets.com/


    Off the top of my head Mav, Jasra, Totenkopf and me are the people I see on line from forums. Sure there are a few others I'm forgetting.


    Republic guild is more active than imp. Imp side is basically just a leveling guild for alts. Republic side we do raid 2 or 3 times a week.


    If you would like to join, fill out applications on above forum. From Lucas Forums you are in, so don't worry much about going into to much detail. However, other officers want some type of record in guild forum.

  5. Are you still playing TOR with other people from LF? My guild just died and I'm tryin to find a new home on a new server.

  6. "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
  7. I don't know what you guys are talking about. This place isn't dead, we had over 16 new members in last 24 hours and two pages of new post. Only problem is acdcfanbill and me banned 16 and deleted at least that many post. I'll admit I don't read posts very often outside spambots posts before banning and deleting. It feels more like a obligation than a place for me to enjoy now. It isn't all moderating either I loath Kavars and even to think about it. I do miss many of the friends I met here. I wish I had the skills Lynk and others needed to bring this place back, but I simply do not.
  8. I'm central time in US. So most likely sometime on weekend would be best. Just give me a time Saturday or Sunday and I will try to make it. You are 7 hours ahead of me.
  9. Pho3nix no clue what happened. Not sure if a officer removed you after a certain length of in activity or what. However we are still around. Let me know when you will be around and we can make a time when we are both on and get you back in guild. Sorry about that. I'll just blame Lynk for the hell of it.
  10. I haven't a clue, was just joking as Tatooine has two to be different this one must have three.
  11. I've found even puging with a guild is hit and miss. I have seen LF healer Guild Run. Looked and leader had achievement and decent gear. However, HM TfB when DF and DP were current content still took over 3 hours. Usually however you are safe or at least safer joining a guild run. I only pug on healers, so I usually don't pug at all since I want to keep healers' lockouts open for guild if needed.
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