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  1. Meh not sure I am going to continue. I may just stop and give my source files to someone to continue on if they so choose. What started out as a fun project quickly and unexpectedly turned into a not fun, lonely chore. Quanon just up and quit. Could not handle it, and walked out. Am I dwelling on it? Only on LF, not in real life. However everytime I even think about starting up my project, I get so urked that this kid could not see it through to the end, quit, ran and people still think of him as a god of modding.


    I am most likely one of the most older people on here. I read posts day after day of kids blowing smoke up peoples butts.


    Typing this has actually convinced me to quit. I will decide who I will give my source files to, and they can choose to continue or not. Would you want them?

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