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  1. Hi everyone! Below are some images of the inside of the Raptor. These are not the final setup,..there will be tweaks but you can see how we are trying to make the Raptor look like someone lives there. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) MORE TO COME.... Logan
  2. Hi everyone I feel like i was frozen on Hoth the past several weeks. Good news- I have a place to live at now- so i won't be living under my work desk. Thanks to some fellow modders here I learned abit about editing module properties to create atmosphere. This new mood to the module was done just today and thanks to the new Toolset from Fair Strides , I have starting to populate and test changes way more quickly- an amazing modding tool! Here are some quick pics of Vogga's Ship (Goto's old module) Had to make them a little lighter since the images came out dark orginally Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) More To Come Logan23
  3. yeah i can chat

  4. Hey how do you edit light maps to make an existing game module darker-ie. less light

  5. Hey how can you edit existing lightmaps- if per say you want a room to be darker?

  6. Hi everyone Just to let you know that I've been looking for a place to live for the past month. I have 30 days to fins a place to live or i will be homeless with a job. I'm confident i will find something but this doesn't remove the constant stress. This is why you haven't seen me in a while. I hope to be back soon -posting again. Just need to find shelter. The mod will become active once i get a place to live =) I can't wait to get back to work on RoR Just wanted to give you guys a heads up =) Logan
  7. sent you a pm at DS

  8. Hey, i got you PM

    My mailbox is full but I will send you a response to your Deadlystreams account

  9. Hi all What i will be showing here through the use of images is how a player can make choices and how it can be used for later in the game and how we are going about with their use- The player is faced with an issue- behind this door - two republic soldiers The player can either open the door and kill them or look around the area to find another way to neutralize them The game will take note of with choice you make Here the player is going to use the kolta chemicals to create a gas that case knock them out Basically while kolta is used to heal it also can relax the body to the paralysis if the mixture is to pure - Player now places the device with the gas so it will travel to the next room Here you can see the soldiers are knocked out The player could have killed or not kill the characters Killing Republic soldiers/officials will impact events and future choice options and relationships with characters Below the player must deal with this situation- Again will the player kill this republic officer when he is just doing his duty Player decided to Force Push the officer during the dialogue scene- this will also be noted in the game Later in the game, conversations will happen and these events above could come into play- the party member/or NPC will make note of these past choices Choices like this and other will shape how the party interacts, others see you from other factions and even the ending This is a quick example how we are using them and giving players some freedom when we can. thanks Logan
  10. Hey guys, Some new images of the game coming Tuesday pst Update= I came across some technical difficulties with a few of the modules- needed to fix. I will have pics up in around 48hrs
  11. Hey, quick update- I have my laptop back and im back to moddding. Will have something to show very soon
  12. Did you get the email ?

  13. Sent you an email

  14. Is there any mention of a size limit for mods on the workshop My laptop is getting fix so I only have my iPhone 4 which can be slow
  15. Hey everyone Update time- I wanted to let you guys know that I will be sending out my laptop to get it's GPU replaced- a defective one This means I will have no computer for maybe up to 2 weeks. (hopefully less) The next update will be - to tell you that the laptop is back and I can continue to mod =) @Turbo_Racer- I will reach out to you over DS's PM and we can talk more. thanks Logan
  16. Hi all The new RoR team member is - Aeliren- . I am still looking over the writing samples for other people who might also be good to bring on board the Team. Thank you for all the writing samples!
  17. Hey everyone, I’m here to ask for help on RoR. From time to time I will be doing this. Task: The person would be writing the dialogue for the HoloNet News Twi'lek. This the female Twi'lek we saw in the Demo. Topics the person will be writing about: -Whats going on in the main quest as the player progresses -Information what is going on each of the planets -Random news like the Jawa Circus is in town, etc Looking for someone with strong writing and grammar skills This will be the only thing the person will be doing. If interested- You can PM logan23 (me) - at Deadlystreams http://deadlystream.com/forum/user/227-logan23/
  18. Hey whats up


    I personally didn't do the final Cain/Chiss skin.


    I can answer basic skinning question if you want

  19. Hi all The project is alive but due to holidays this month - haven't done much on the mod. This will be changing in January. The project is going but slowly.
  20. Hey what's new!

  21. Quick question. Can Global Variables - number be 0,1,2,3,4..etc OR can you only have 0 and 1?

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