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  1. yeah i can chat

  2. Import the lightmaps into gimp or photoshop..u can decrease the brightness there... If u rename the new lightmaps, u will have to hex edit the room mdl file... U can also change some numbers in the .are file changing the overall area color/fog/ etc

  3. Have some time to chat? I can teach you if you'd like to meet me in the DS chatbox

  4. Hey how do you edit light maps to make an existing game module darker-ie. less light

  5. Hey how can you edit existing lightmaps- if per say you want a room to be darker?

  6. Hi there, how is ROR going? I haven't heard anything recently.

  7. Hey Logan, I'm curious if you may have some kind of head for a Republic soldier with a mask equipped so that you cannot tell what gender the character is without looking at the body. If you do, would you mind if I use it? I'm trying to create a disguise item without actually replacing any of the armor slots.

  8. sent you a pm at DS

  9. Hey, i got you PM

    My mailbox is full but I will send you a response to your Deadlystreams account

  10. Did you get the email ?

  11. Sent you an email

  12. also, if you still have any interest in developing the as of now abandoned Return to Dantooine I can write the plot out, save you some work there (I had the plot in my head anyway). I can't write dialog to save my backside but I can put together a plot. Message me if interested

  13. How's Revenge of Revan looking? I'm looking for a new experience in KotOR II (after I do a playthrough with TSLRCM of course)

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