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    Chloe O'Brian and Cameron Phillips fanboy. I am a high school student. People tell me that I'm quirky. I like reading, writing, drawing. Sometimes I have a short attention span - oooh look, a beetle!
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    Fighting for TSCC
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    Uhh...things and um stuff, yes I'm very into stuff.
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    gamer, student and part time pain in the ass
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    Kotor 1
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  1. Wow, Auril and Gina DO make a good crime fighting team... of course, Star wars style. You should hook them up with each other. :lol: now that'd be wrong!


    Lying is an necessity of life. If you can't lie, what can you do! :xp: Seriously, I liee wayy too much - bet it's some kind of disorder... paranoia! Life's going good, though. Well, I'm a bit up and down but that happens to everyone. I bought a book on clinical psychology. It's SO difficult to understand! There's such big words and it explains NOTHING, so I keep having to go to the glossary and check word meanings.

    Stupid author psychologists.

    I feel accomplished though. I managed to persuade the biggest hypochondriac in the WORLD that they didn't have schizophrenia. Which sounds straight forward lol but it so wasn't.


    But yeah - halloween outfits. I still have no idea what I'm going as! You should go as the male equivelent of Gina :lol:

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