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    19, Gothic, Games Design/Graphics Student.
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    Gaming, Modding, Rock-climbing, singing, free-running, making/editing videos & using video FX, photoshopping, modelling
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    Unemployed as of yet
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    Star Wars KOTOR II
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    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords
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  1. Hello! I've just got a brand new Cyborg V7 Keyboard, it's brilliant however I'm having trouble with the profiler application. I've got no idea how to map my custom key to create an Alt-code. Can anyone help? Merry Xmas!
  2. Yes, just like that. And the forums are in decline. That's pretty much to be expected with decades old games and no new titles.

  3. Hello. I'm having issues with Kotor Savegame Editor. I am attempting to change my PC's appearance to 'Dark_Jedi_Hi_Male_03' which I'm certain is the appearance used by the Sith Masters in Freedon Nadd's Tomb. Instead, when I load my save with the new appearance, my PC is totally invisible and the game crashes within seconds. I have backups of my save, so if needs be, I can leave it and carry on playing but will someone lend a hand to me please? Edit: I've had no issues changing the appearance to anything else, Gizka, Different PC's, Party members, even a Krayt Dragon. They all appear just fine.
  4. Just like that? Mind you, if you stuck around and were well-behaved, you may have impressed them enough to consider it. Have I missed much? I've noticed the forums are in decline.

  5. I just saw that there were less and less moderators around and in Holowan, so I sent Stoffe a message asking if I could be of any help. And the next day, I'm a moderator.

  6. Tell me all about it! I want update. :)

  7. Yes I do! I got roped into being a moderator, haha. Well, actually, I sort of volunteered.

  8. I leave the forums for a few years, come back and you're a moderator.

    Well hot damn. You've done well for yourself. Remember me?

  9. I feel the exact same way. I consider myself Agnostic, I have a lot of confusion regarding personal faith and beliefs. I could rant and go on and on about this however my point is, that once in a while I get absolutely white-knuckle terrified when I think about death, in my mind, when I die - there will be nothing. Ever. I would love nothing more than to believe otherwise but I can't compute the possibility of faith (for me). I just can't. I'm mentioning this to you, now, because how I deal with it, is I sit back and think about my life as it's been so far (I'm only 19) and I think how well I've done in terms of education, how lucky I am in terms of living in a 1st world country, various different memories, my family, my girlfriend and how much I love her, and more recently my kitten (Revan). These things make me smile the most, and are what make my life worth living and at the very least, serve a proper distraction. What I suggest, is perhaps sit back like I do and just think and remember all the good things in your life, and if a smile sneaks its way through your terrified exterior, then it's not so bad after all.
  10. Aw, I genuinely believed it looked different. There goes that discussion.
  11. Hello! So I found this image online after Googling how enable screenshots for TSL (I sorted it by the way) and I stumbled upon it. Now, from the looks of it, it's quite obviously promotional. But I'm curious as to the location in the image. Looks almost like the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, only smaller with only one seat. Do you think this was the original cockpit? The displays on the screens seem to indicate this. Why do you think they changed the cockpit to accommodate a second seat? Also, why would they use a Republic officer as a PC as opposed to the original PC? Placeholder? I just want to know what you guys think.
  12. I've added the Lag Fix, still no change and I'm on SecuROM's website but see no way of contacting them.
  13. Well thank you for giving it a go. I'll just have to wait for the author of the video to reply to me. Thank you guys for helping out anyway. Mod can lock the thread now.
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