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    I've been using computers since I was three and I really love using computers and learning all I can about them and I love playing the KOTOR games.
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    In a Video Game...
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    The Old Republic
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  1. Hello all. I've pretty much retired from modding now. I don't play the KotOR and TSL games very much any more. I'll still pop in every once in a while and browse and keep track of what's going on in the community. I will of course still be available for help. But I've got College I got to concentrate on now. Basically it's time for me to grow up. So I'm officially stepping back from the modding scene. I like playing TOR and maybe I'll see you there sometime. Thanks for the run. It's been a hell of a ride.



  2. So sorry I've been out of touch with the community her. Real life interferes a lot sometimes. Anyway, I don't currently have TSL installed due to many problems with my comp that's been a real headache for the past couple months. But when I do, I now use the UniWS? Not the Squizzy one?
  3. Happy Turkey Day!

  4. GENERAL WARNING: My email account has been hacked. I have multiple emails from LF on there they may have seen. I don't know if they can get into my account here or not. So just to let everybody know, if you see me do anything weird or out of the ordinary for me here on the forums. It is probably someone using my account.


  5. Can someone make me a couple of scripts? One, I need to trigger a sidequest after an item called "Bastila's Datapad" (bastila_datapad.uti) is added to the inventory. I also need a script to end the quest after an item called "Bastila's Journal" (bastila_journal.uti) is added to the inventory. The quest is called Bastila's Gif and the tag for the quest in the global.jrl file is "zm_jedirevan". EDIT: Never mind. Someone came up with an alternate way to do what I wanted.
  6. well deserved and overdue imo ;) Gratz!

  7. Thanks for the badges.

    "A surprise to be sure. But a welcome one." -Senator Palpatine

  8. This is a problem I have encountered. But mine is just a general install on Windows 7, so I don't know if this will solve the problem. I did not go through the get KOTOR/TSL to work on Windows 7 steps. It was not necessary for me. But here is what I did. First thing is disable the movies. Although this may not be necessary for you. I had to do it because of the widescreen patch. Something about scaling issues. Next, you get TSL to start in windowed mode and while in windowed mode start a new game/or load a previous save. Then maximize the window.
  9. You can view the cut scenes. But not the movies. It's not that big of deal for me because I'm a veteran player and I've seen them all before.
  10. I encountered this problem myself on the CD version. What I had to do was disable the movies, and have KOTOR start in windowed mode. Be sure to start a new game/load a save game before you put KOTOR in full screen. It may appear to stop responding while trying to click the new/load game buttons but just wait a minute and it will work.
  11. My current wallpaper: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Some people have all the talent. From what I've read this was made in photoshop (or something similar).
  12. Thanks for the invite. Will check in every now and again.

  13. Just read about it here. I know I'm going to read it when it comes out. What happened out in the Unkown Regions has been a subject of alot of speculation.
  14. Me, I heard at the Extreme Rules 2011 PPV when Cena came out and addressed everyone.
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