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  1. That really gets on my nerves when that happens and yeah i agree battlefront 3 should fix that
  2. By the way mine is the falcon If anyone thinks i have missed off any important ones just list them in your posts
  3. I would like to know what is everyones fave vehicle is so i can get a feel of what everyones opinions are
  4. Ill take that as advice but im new and all so yeah ill remember that next time im doing a post
  5. True after a while you just get fed up with killing everyone as jedi, and you just want to have a bit of a challenge without that unfair advantage But Jedi are still a nice addition to the game
  6. Oh thats good erm this may sound like a stupid question but do you mean hazel grove in england you never know
  7. Going back to that idea doesnt anyone agree that there should be a bit more choice
  8. Yeah I actually agree that was a stupid suggestion but i still think you should customize the looks of the faction you are.
  9. Name: Luke Brundrett Location:Hazel grove England Hobbies: PS2 and sport talking to people on this Favourite game: destroy all humans 2 Most awaited game: SWB3 Occupation: erm...........
  10. Yeah you dont get the same satisfaction by cheating
  11. Who do you think is a better Admiral? Ackbar or Thrawn Myself well I prefer Thrawn he is one of the only alien species in the empire despite their anti-alien policies and he is a tactical genius,also he took advantage of Jorus C'baoth very easily.
  12. Also they should make something better than rise of the empire, something where you can make your own weapons build space stations and make choices that affect the whole thing, also designing your own troops or factions would be good. And they should make it so you can be more than just CIS, Clones, Empire and Rebels
  13. You should actually be able to drive capital ships and there shuld be more than just 2! capital ships on the map at once
  14. I got Legendary Frenzy By Going on the Death Star, Tantive and being a marine on space battles the pilots dont put up much of a fight I am Legendary in- War Hero Endurance Guardian Gunslinger Elite Rifle Flechette Shotgun
  15. Both sides should have completley different weapons They just look different BUT THE SAME WEAPONS! except for special classes clone commander, Droideka,Magnaguard,dark trooper, bothan and Wookies
  16. They should remove the glitchs like when you get stuck in walls
  17. Yeah that would be really good like becoming a general would actually mean somehting
  18. Whats the difference on Lego Star wars 3 sagas all they are doing is putting the two other games together so you can play as say darth maul on hoth or luke skywalker on mustafar
  19. Yoda is the best character on the game by far he is hard to hit and has force push and pull
  20. Being jedi just makes the game better
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