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  1. Actually we do it's known as idtech 3 src available on the ID Software website. Also alterations are require on the engine specially 3d improvements not like bloom effects that we can add without any engine changes... what are you trying to say this website is useless and irrelevant, imo. it all talk about gta4 which is a bad game imo.
  2. Definitely JA is very customizable indeed. JO & JA are very moddable... Haven't seen a starwars game that had so many modds.... Star Wars: Empire at War has a lot of mods but not like those two games.
  3. @ MajinMikeyX awards means nothing specially when it became something related to "show"biz. If awards were given in early 2k, i would think that JO woukd have won more than 2 stupid awards. JO is way superior to TFUish story, true that tfu has nice graphics, quite cool physics, awesome AI. But that's it! I've finished TFU2 i was surprise that they, LA and Aspyr, actually did some homework to make the pc version more PCish... camera still lacks freedom. DF2 isn't two gens back it's one gen back... JA isn't a new gen and TFU is totally on a abstract gen....
  4. nicely done gonna download it ASAP! Cheers
  5. AFAIK, the engine source code is open source, but the game code is still under Copyright and proprietary...
  6. Razor aren't you willing to try to use ioquake or XReaL engine and try to make something out? I know that Xreal src code is heavily modified and different compared to JA sdk. but it would be nice to see something done with those engines.
  7. what is a console??? oO' TFU is game that doesn't run on a PC even the ported version of it sucks, input control, gameplay, engine mechanics, all suck! PS: i hope you have a very large drive 'cause tfu requires some 25ish GB... for a few couple of hours of game....
  8. I've been getting some connection time out messages when i try to clone the svn....
  9. Razorace the new link for the source code isn't working, could you post a new link? thank you
  10. Quake 4 has been released years ago and Id Software is developing Id tech 5 (Rage engine/Doom 4/Quake 5) for the past 5 years!!!!! They will surely use the a modified version of TFU game engine called "Ronin" (a home made game engine according to wikipedia).
  11. well FPS on console is way too different than fps on pc, the interaction is different! i've been for a very long a PC gamer and playing games for PC and trying to play the very same game on console is quite confusing (honestly i never liked console).
  12. I think that a Star Wars FPS is not viable nowadays. With LA focusing only on the console market we PC fanboys are doomed! What we could do it to create our own JK-like game, of course that means alot of investment such time dedicated for it (3d modeling, FX sounds, music, etc!). we could use ETQW as base or use any Open source game engine, say Xreal for example!
  13. WOW! That's really awesome!!!! sweet dreams of playing in a map that big!!!!
  14. You might want read this topic Ibanez and a few others mappers have been busy, making some new maps for the mod! Here is the link, i think they would need a bit of help! Cheers
  15. normally all games sold on steam should be fully updated! specially as it is an old game so to speak.
  16. i wish that Ibanez could make it as standalone game instead of doing a mod... Awesome work Ibanez!
  17. Keep this nice Work, Ibanez!
  18. Technically on Raven's website they call "Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy" But on the Box of JA there is no "3" written anywhere... But we could say that next JK would be the 4th of the series... In case they haven't yet decided on its title they could call JK IV.... @-=*Raz0r*=- : yeah, I know that a native linux port is very unlikely, but let me dream of it, please!
  19. errr, well from what i can see on that "picture" I do see written "STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT III" and not IIII (which would be normally written as IV)!
  20. it's a stand alone expansion actually... I hope that this is not fake i would be glad to see a new JK, i hope that they will employ IdTech 4 (with the Brink changes) or IdTech 5 (with opengl 3.x/4.0) and have native linux installers this time or else it would mean that they will totally disrespect us....
  21. as i as i know there is no JK game being made... Nada, no info what so ever.... the new JK would be the unsuccessful "the force unleashed", the unsuccessful is for the PC version and lack of love from LucasArts to us JK fans...
  22. i can't run the mod anymore at least not with win 7 64... here is my current target line for the mod "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\JediAcademy.exe" +set fs_game dfmod it doesn't load the main menu of the mod! JA is at version 1.01! any suggestions?
  23. if you have a windows 98 and a computer from that time, yes! j/k. yeah it's worth playing the original yet i don't know if the steam version is the very same as when it was launched... maybe a bit updated for the current hardware...
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