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  1. Can you send me a writing sample, of dialogue?

  2. hi Logan, I was hoping to join the development team of Revenge of Revan. I am not the best with voice acting, I could do some writing stuff of any sort if given ideas by anyone. I can type fast. I do have google+ which I can give you via PM. I am in the Eastern time zone. It is currently 9:33 am. I use Gentoo Linux x86 with gnome2 on it. I do have Wine installed on KOTOR 1+2 work on it very well. So I would love the chance to be on your team for RoR. add me on here and google+ anytime. See ya.

  3. ok Logan ill try that on my laptop, it ran on my desktop fine, cant wait for the full release. I'll keep you and the thread posters noted of my progress.

  4. Best thing for the install is to rename the override folder and the music stream folders to ORGoverride, then make a new clean folder for these and place the RoR files per proper folder in them, then place the RoR modules into the module game folder, same with launcher, and also drop in the VO's files/folders into the Voice stream- GBL's folder

    You did the movie folder fine if you are seeing the movie

  5. No I am using a PC running mac OS and Windows 7. I am currently on my Windows 7 hard drive. I am using Mac OS X on my 2nd hard disk. I am so confused on how to install the mod, it ain't funny. I read the readme placed the modules and other files in the same directories in my KOTOR 2 folder and on my laptop it didnt work after the 2 opening scenes, I dont know about my desktop PC.

  6. Did you have a mod that uses the first module in the game? Did place all the modules from RoR in the kotor 2 module folder?

  7. You have a Mac that's running windows?

  8. I also have a desktop system with 2 hard drives one for windows and 1 for mac. it has 4 gig of ddr3 ram as well an nvidia gt 240 1gb, everything else is onboard.

  9. i installed it but the game crashes after the 2 opening scenes on my laptop. It is a Dell inspiron n5010 with an intel HD Graphics card 4 gig of ddr3 ram core i3 cpu 350m.

  10. Hey =)


    whats the issue with he install? What is confusing you?

  11. ati radeon xpress 1150, its got 1918 mb of ram....idk what else to put.
  12. hey all, i am on a dell inspiron 1501 and getting a new desktop next week for christmas and i tried both kotors on my dell under windows 7 home premium 64 bit and it had terrible graphics. Basically, the display was flashing all over the place and i had to quit the game from task manager. I have this issue everytime i launch the game, I've tried updated drivers, omega drivers, old drivers, latest directx, reinstalling game, OS. IDK what to do, last thing i can think of is either use XP Pro or windows 7 ultimate. ANY help is fine. Thanks, Kotorcrazyguy
  13. I want the Lonna vash mod, stuff with the Korriban theme, stuff that will make it more creepy and make it seem more Dark Side like.
  14. Hey all, I was wondering if someone could send me the scariest mods in KOTORs 1-2, please? If someone could please do this for me that'd be great. Thanks, Kotorcrazyguy.
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