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  1. First, we've already established that this is footage from Free Radical's old SWBF3 from before they went under. Second, you are once again posting in threads that are old and abandoned. This one is over a year old. Stop that. Third, that YouTube video was completely unrelated and really doesn't have much of a place in this thread.
  2. aw that stinks, but sure no prob i got plentty of time :D

    ill refine them, and then send em

  3. I just had to reformat my computer, and I haven't reinstalled SWBF2 or the ModTools yet.


    You can send them, but it might be a little while before you get them back.

  4. ok thanks, i was going to ask, if i send you some skins, will you munge 'em up for me?

  5. Really? Sorry; I'll check my spam box. You might have to re-send any attachments.

  6. hey whas up? you havnt been responding to my emails

  7. Yeah, you can even see the Free Radical in the lower right hand corner.
  8. I have news of Battlefront 3! Check out your thread.

  9. All the guys from the RC boards I talked to are pretty much gone. The only thing that's keeping that place running is the CCP thread and the signature request thread where the noobs ask for a new sig every couple of days.

  10. I only tried one post in the RC Tech Support forums, but I'm pretty much used to unanswered cries for help from my only other LF experience.

  11. I see...Well I've been paying less attention to the Battlefront forum for the same reason, and I don't really post or read a whole lot in the Republic Commando boards anymore because it has been overun by noobs.

  12. I only hang around in the Battlefront forums. Since there isn't much reason to post, I don't "show up" much.

  13. So, do you just lurk around here, or do you rarely visit?

  14. if you cannot fix my rep.req, can you send me yours?

  15. Unfortunately, no.

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