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  1. Exactly the same as Marius. EXACTLY the same.
  2. I don't follow. First of all, what's the point you're trying to make about "the believability of the scene?" That seems quite irrelevant. Then you jump straight from scene believability to a principle as though you've proven an irrevocable point, but I don't see a clear syllogism. If you're saying that resurrecting anyone from the dead, regardless of just how "dead" they are, is setting a dangerous precedent, then I quite agree. Also, at the beginning you agree that believability matters quite a lot, but then appear to state that taking it into account makes one a hypocrite. It seems that you're saying that people should be either on one side or the other, and that making a personal judgment makes them a hypocrite. This conflicts with your previous statement that you've been picking and choosing which EU content you like. I can't see why you're getting so worked up over the opinions of other people. I'll admit that none of us are exactly Mr. Spock in our thought processes (except maybe Lynk), but it's no skin off your nose.
  3. THIS link will explain it a bit better; if it comes directly from Lucas, it's considered written in stone. If one book mentioned the recovery and disintegration of Maul's body, for example, it would now have to be retconned because this new development comes from the highest level. I am also not quite sure where he was going with that...then again, I'm not especially happy about anyone pulling such a worn-out move as coming back from the dead. Next thing you know, we'll find out that Jango wasn't really dead. Might not even be told how he survived. I've been sticking my fingers in my ears and singing loudly every time Star Wars comes up with a new Deus Ex Machina or Back From the Dead plot line, but it's not such a serious business that I can't pick and choose which stories I enjoy and which I box up and donate to Goodwill. Boba...well, I can understand HOW he escaped, but I still think he made a good dead person.
  4. Yup, It's LoK: D. What gave it away, the migraine-inciting graphics or the bad camera angle? I'm no swampie, I'm just one of the gnomes from the Battlefront section. I poke my head out every once in a while to stare wide-eyed at passersby.
  5. I can understand Maul having survived being sliced in half. I can't understand him having survived being sliced in half and falling down whatever type of convenient bottomless pit that was. Even Luke barely survived it, and he had the advantages of both having his legs and being the protagonist. There's probably an explanation of some sort, but it probably carries a scent remarkably reminiscent of the orifice from which it was pulled.
  6. PC games don't require you to buy a brand new computer all the time. I'm exclusively a PC gamer and my computer hails from 2004 with only a video card upgrade. If you're really that sad that you "never got Republic Commando or KOTOR 1 and 2" then I'm quite sure that you could easily play them on your current machine, given their age. And you can't think that LucasArts is prejudiced against you. Otherwise, I'd complain that they aren't supporting people without high-end computers.
  7. Exactly. I play the free multiplayer for games that I own, but I am never going to pay for a game more than once. Then there's the fact that not all PC's are created equal, and some people won't even be able to run TOR. Take any game for any console and you'll be able to play it, but I certainly won't be able to play SWBF3 if it comes out. "Playing online" isn't quite that simple. A good number of people, like me, simply choose to play multiplayer. As for the Xbox 360 users...what if they don't own a Kinect? LucasArts isn't neglecting the PS3. SONY just prefers to have its own companies and partners working on games for their system. So game companies that formerly made SONY exclusive games either switched to the Xbox or started making their games multiplatform.
  8. Yes, Republic Commando is a first person shooter. Difference: FPS is behind the eyes of the character, often seeing only the arms and gun. Sometimes you'll see the helmet, such as RC and Metroid. TPS is over the shoulder, so to speak. You typically have an elevated rear view. SWBF1 and 2 are both third person and first person; you can change it to fit your preference.
  9. Still makes more sense to me for it to be a Republic Commando sequel, given the fact that RC was on Unreal Engine 2.
  10. No, you can't remove chat, as far as I know. There aren't any options for it, at least. I'm not sure what you're asking for your second question. Without patches or mods...if you're looking to make new maps, you'll need the ModTools.
  11. If you're on the same network (which you should be if you're in the same house) you can set up an LAN server. If your friends want to play from their houses, you can set up an internet server with a password. I wasn't sure whether or not you were asking about splitscreen or something similar since this is actually the subforum for the console versions of the game.
  12. Is what possible on the PC? Yes, you'll need two computers and copies of the game.
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