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  1. could you please delete this thread? Spammers are on the loose




  2. Its no problem. just wanted to see if you had anything, in case you had something, i didn't want to upload without asking. I think we have enough for a decent update. Good luck with your project!

  3. most interesting thing for the mod i got here is the remote droid. easy to install it into existing maps. would like to delete unnecessary parts of the script before i upload it. have not worked with unrealED for ages and for the next two weeks i am pretty busy with a school project but i feel like i owe you guys to be a bit more helpful. would not be fair to let you down because of my own business. tell me if you got a specific idea for a new map and i promise, i will make it as soon as possible.

  4. do you have any maps that can be used in a relase in the next few weeks?


  5. sorry, i wont be on. got a hockey game.

  6. On the off chance that you are online today, Saturday, January 7th, 2012, there is a podcast. Over steam.

  7. well, Balkoth is in charge of writing the script, so my guess he would know...

  8. Do you have a rough plot outline I could use to write a story about Alpha Squad? I love writing detailed stories, but I have a hard time thinking of a good plot :p

  9. Couldn't find it, I'm remaking it now in HD.

  10. That looks great! could be really helpful.


    hey, if you'd like, you could send me what you've got, and I could finish em up if you dont got time.

  11. ah, i remember. structure of the bombmap was finished. civilians are still pretty dumb and there's one sequence that needs to be improved.


    udk is a great programm, you'll love it. today i worked on a charactermodel. i wanted to make a system where you can change only parts of the pawn. helps if you want to change the clothes of a pawn for example. or if you want to be able to change only the heads to make more characters.

    here's a little picture.


    first text says: animationtest for facial expressions

    second text: composing the head with a "strange" body


    i put 2 meshes together. was not as easy as it sounds.

    whatever the project will be about; that could be helpful.

  12. ah gotcha. Well, i finished the jabiim base map. Was there some bomb map you were working on? and also, i rmember you were going to fix up the kamino map I made, add props, etc


    how is the Udk coming along though?

  13. hey, srry, have been pretty inactive.

    i'm rlly srry about the maps but i have to admit that there's no progress. only excuse i have is that i worked with udk and found alot of stuff out we could use for the next project. especially regarding charactermodelling. might be helpful later but that does not really help us with the current project.

    i don't want to let you guys down, so if there are one or two specific maps you need, tell me. we should hurry up with that project. would like to start the new one asap.

  14. Need any voice lines ner vod? :)

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