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  1. I just had to reformat my computer, and I haven't reinstalled SWBF2 or the ModTools yet.


    You can send them, but it might be a little while before you get them back.

  2. Really? Sorry; I'll check my spam box. You might have to re-send any attachments.

  3. I only tried one post in the RC Tech Support forums, but I'm pretty much used to unanswered cries for help from my only other LF experience.

  4. I only hang around in the Battlefront forums. Since there isn't much reason to post, I don't "show up" much.

  5. Unfortunately, no.

  6. I'm taking you off of the list due to a persistent effort to learn how to mod. Anyone who sets out on this exasperating endeavor and doesn't just quit has my respect.

  7. Perhaps. You've been pretty good about not rezzing topics since then, so I might take you off. Not that anyone reads my signature anyway, or they wouldn't end up on the list.



  8. This is not a good thing.

  9. Because you resurrected several-year-old topics.

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